Sunday, December 26, 2010

Latin Lovers (1953) "I Had to Kiss You"

Latin Lovers (1953) MGM Studios
Directed By Mervyn LeRoy

Starring Ricardo Montalban, Lana Turner, and Louie Calhern

Taglines: "That "Bad and Beautiful" girl in a de luxe musical of romantic Rio!"

~ Helen Rose designed all the gowns for Lana Turner and the other ladies in the film, a noteworthy designer for MGM.

Nora Taylor (Lana Turner) is an heiress whom travels to Brazil with her fiancee. On this trip Nora meets a handsome Brazilain polo player Robert Santos (Montalban). Nora has no idea that this man is wealthy and is thrilled that this man has no idea who she is and likes her for nothing to do with her bank book. This is a lovely film that was highlighted by costumes made by Helen Rose and an appearance by Rita Moreno before she was a star in her own right.

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