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In A Lonely Place (1950) / Columbia Pics
Starring: Gloria Grahame, Humphrey Bogart and Frank Lovejoy
Directed By: Nicholas Ray


Adapted from novel written in 1947 called "In a Lonley Place" (author Dorothy Hughes).
Film produced by Humphrey Bogart's Santana Productions.
In 2007, it became part of the National Film Registry.

Note from the Movie Gentleman:
Gloria Grahame did not often have top billing as leading lady but she SHINED in this film which was one of her best. As a dark film noir showing that she had many sides to her and this one she could pull off and was excellent!

A not so lucky screenwriter who had hits in his past and is searching for the next big one, Dixon "Dix" Steel (Bogart) stops at a nightclub prior to meeting up with his agent Mel Lippman (Smith). At the nightclub Dix is being talked into his book being adapted into a movie and while there get's into a fight with a much yuonger director who bad mouths Dix's friend. While at the club Dix meet a lovely hat check girl named Mildred who ends up going home with him and is itnerested in finishing his book. So both leave the club and head back to his home. Along the way to his apartment he crossed paths with a new tenant named Laurel Gray (Grahame).  Dix is being a gentleman and only wants to find out Midlred's true opinion of his book so then she enters his home to have the discussion. Mildred tells him what he already knew that the novel was no good. So since there was no where else for the conversation to go Dix provides money to Mildred to leave and to take a cab home which she does. We then see the next morning that Dix is surrounded by many people such as detectives that tell him that Mildred was found murdered the night before and of course Dix is prime suspect. Laurel the new tenant of the building goes into the police station to confirm what she which was Mildred leaving alone by cab though the detective still does not believe it. Dix has a hard time with emotions and this gives more cause to his guilt.

Dix's finally is able to be relased and goes back home and gets to know Laurel who is single and an inspiring actress. They both start have a large attraction for one another which ignites Dix passion for writing again with the quality that and drive he has not seen for years. The new couple start seeing each other all the time and are very much in love and are very good for one another....Dix has a love in his life which breaths new life into him that was sorely missing and is a gorgeous muse. Later Laurel finds out from the detective that Dix has a lengthy passed of violent behavior and to be very cautious with him. A high strong and violent Dix is shown when Laurel is in the car and he finds out that she was told about him so he then drives at high speeds with her in the car very reckless and is sideswiped by another car. This brings a new level of emotions for Laurel where she needs medication to sleep and to calm down due to Dix and his new and dangerous ways. Laurel is scared bottom line of what he will do next....which then follows with many twists and turns of what will Dix the real killer and is not to be trusted??? This is a great film noir..that you will have to see!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

In Pictures: Claire Trevor

In Pictures: Claire Trevor

Here is our eleventh installment of this very successful feature to "Love Those Classic Movies!!!" where we simply enjoy via beautiful pictures some of our favorite golden age classic stars. Not a lot of writing at all or tid bits or extras just simply as it is stated, "in pictures!"
Hope you all enjoy Claire Trevor in pictures, cheers!!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Classic Radioland: Claire Trevor as "Mildred Pierce"

Classic Radioland: Claire Trevor as "Mildred Pierce"

Here our classic film buffs is our second installment of our classic radioland article for all you lovers of movies and radio programs. This time around we are featuring leading lady Claire Trevor as the title role and of the film's title, "Mildred Pierce" (circa 1950's). Zachary Scott plays the role of Monte (which he played in the motion picture). This time it is Hollywood Radio that brings us this lovely production.

Mildred Pierce Plot:

Zachary Scott
The Classic Film Gentleman does not want to give too much away on this film especially to any who has never saaw nor heard this lovely production. Mildred Pierce is truly a woman ahead of her time where she had the know how and drive to make it all on her own from nothing and no help. Mildred has a daughter named Veda who always wants more and is alone with her mother since Mildred's cheating husband has long since left the picture. Mildred always seeks approval from Veda and never seems to obtain it no matter what she does even when it is working from the bottom of a restaurant and making it all her own. An amazing film and a great production done on radio. The film had Joan Crawford who won an Academy Award for her role and Claire Trevor stunning audiences with her take on it as well. You will be impressed by the radio performance by Claire Trevor along with Zachary Scott which does the book and film justice.

Now get comfortable and turn the lights low and have your classic evening like it would have been over 40 years ago. No worries we as a group will ahve these article as a norm and together will have a classic radio listening party!!! Good evening and happy listening!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Stagecoach (1939) Danger holds the reins as the devil cracks the whip!

Stagecoach (1939)
Starring: John Wayne, Claire Trevor, Thomas Mitchell, John Carradine, & Andy Devine
Directed By: John Ford

~ This John Ford classic was nominated for 7 Academy Awards such as Best Picture and Won, "Best Supporting Actor" for Thomas Mitchell & "Best Music Scoring"

Taglines from "Stagecoach" (1939):
Danger holds the reins as the devil cracks the whip ! Desperate men ! Frontier women ! Rising above their pasts in a West corrupted by violence and gun-fire !

Thrills! Thrills! Thrills! See - The Apache Attack! Charge of the Cavalry! Fight to the Death On the Last Frontier of Wickedness!

A Powerful Story of 9 Strange People!

Note From The Classic Gnetleman:

This 1939 western classic teams up the great John Wayne (early in his career) and the ever beautiful and equally talented Calire Trevor. These two leads make to be a great combination on screen together in my book. A year being 1939 for being touted as the year of the best and grandest films ever this is one of them for sure. I have to say this is a true western classic with terriffic action sequences with Wayne leaping from the stagecoach to one horse to the next and that is just the beginning of stunt work! This is a real western for anyone who is a real classic fan and also loves a true western with some romance and drama thrown in. Our leading lady Clair Trevor has a passed but can hold her own against these hard hitting men of the west and Wayne is truly brilliant in this gem of a film, a must see classic!

This wonderfully done western John Wayne classic is about a group of people traveling out west on a stagecoach. During this trip they face on the trail a dangerous threat of Geronimo. Dallas (Trevor) is one lady on this stagecoach whom has a past which many hold against her. Another passenger is Ringo Kid (Wayne) whom is there to help and save the day. What great action sequences John Ford places in this film! This classic is ranked as one of the best films made of 1939 - the year of the picture!!! A true classic with stunning action sequences and a leading lady who was not to be reckoned with who had to have a backbone stuck with all men in this stagecoach, what a long ride full of mystery and suspense and full of action on every turn!!!!

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Extra Extra Classic Group Topics Announced!! (March - April 2011)


From The Classic Movie Gentleman,

Hello My Fellow Classic Movie Buffs!

I have received MANY lovely ideas for "Love Those Classic Movies!!!" blog topics for March & April 2011. After looking everything over and we already being in the beginning of March it is essential to get this going as soon as possible. Remember for any topics that were unable to make it during this time please know it can be part of the May - June rest assure!

So here we go with the OFFICIAL LIST for TOPICS in MARCH & APRIL 2011.

  • Claire Trevor
  • Bette Davis 
  • Costume Designer: Orry-Kelly 
  • Gloria Grahame

  • Glamour Photography of Hurrell

  • Jean Harlow

  • Thursday, March 3, 2011

    His Kind of Woman (1951) Russell & Mitchum, what an item!

    "His Kind Of Woman" (1951) RKO Radio Pics
    Directed By: John Farrow
    Starring: Jane Russell, Robert Mitchum, Vincent Price, Raymond Burr & Tim Holt

    "This place is dangerous. The time right deadly. The drinks are on me, my bucko!"


    They were two of a kind ! ...and bound to meet, but neither of them knew what such a meeting would mean!

    Note From Classic Movie Gentlman:

    I am a huge Jane Russell fan and have always been. Ever since seeing her brassy no nonsense self in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" she was someone that got my attention right away. Jane could hold her own and take on various roles either musicals, comedys, dramas, or film noir such as this great film classic "His Kind Of Woman" which to me is one of Jane's best films. Jane is paired with in my opinion her best leading man who is Robert Mitchum. Both of them seem to be a perfect combination on screen with the drama and intensity for one another that one could see it translate off screen. This film we are going to be talking about now is a true classic "Film Noir" in every right. The darkness of the film and of the story the twists and turns it takes us along are simply lovely. A film of Jane's that is part of her "MUST SEE" collection! Enjoy all of you film buffs/Jane Russell fans!!!!


    A mysterious job is offered to Dan Milner (Mitchum) that is very lucrative paying $50,000 with no questions asked in Mexico. For Dan this could not occur in a better time in his life since being in need of a windfall of money due to having a downward cycle of his professional gambling. Dan without any hesitation accepts the job and flies on a charted airplane where the only other passenger is the ever so beautiful Lenore Brent (Russell). Dan is immediately smitten by Lenore. They finally arrive to Mexico where Dan and Lenore both are going to stay at the very secluded resort called Baja California.

    Dan finds that Lenore is actually dating a famous actor who was already there waiting for her named Mark Cardigan (Price). There seems to be a lot of guests staying at this resort who all have comes with different motives than a simple vacation. Dan then over hears two men staying at the resort which sounds like it involves him so the fun begins now....the two are asked upfront about it by Dan directly and it is confirmed. All of a sudden Dan is provided with ten thousand dollars right away and told that a person is coming to see him and that is it.

    Enters in Bill Lusk (Holt) from a flight and our cases of mistaken identities begin to ensue. Dan begins a conversation with Bill thinking that that he his the contact but then finds out Bill is with the Immigration and Naturalisation Service and works undercover for them. Here is where things get VERY interesting. Bill is there because the department has a reason to believe an underworld boss named Nick Ferraro (Burr) who was deported back to Italy was trying to get back into the country but with Dan's identity. Both Dan and the crime boss resemble each other and there ends up being a plastic surgeon at the resort so it seems like this has a potential to be planned perfectly for Nick to escape and Dan to disappear with no one ever knowing.

    Meanwhile, Lenore's plans to marry a wealthy man such as the actor she went to meet up with do not happen since his ex-wive or soon to be shows-up to be with him. Lenore confesses this all to Dan that she is money hungry and that is it. Both of them seem to be very similar and are in Mexico for the same reason so stick together and find themselves attracted to one another. Lenore and Dan stumble upon a dead body and other killings ensue at this tropical resort who knows who will get out alive or dead. The police come and try to help rescure the guests that make an escape to a boat. A great shoot out scene at the end.