Wednesday, January 22, 2020

1980's Best Nighttime Soaps!

A new year and an entirely brand spanking new series! This year; "Love Those Classic Movies!" has a new series which will talk about all things TV! From classic Nighttime Soaps of the decades to the best comedies, Brit TV, detectives, best cliff-hangers, best series finales, forgotten gems, and countless others.

In this volume we start on a great TV classic; 1980's BEST NIGHTTIME SOAPS!!!

We all remember turning-on the tube to watch the best of the best nighttime soaps to find out, who shot JR? Bobby Ewing passing away or was it a dream?! Whom will win the next battle between Alexis and Krystle?? Whom wore the biggest shoulder pads, the biggest/teased hair, the most diamonds and gowns by Nolan Miller?! To find these answered questions one had to always watch our favorite weekly Nighttime Soap! Everyone had their favorite that he or she gravitated towards whether it was Dallas or say Dynasty (I was and still am a Dallas/Knotts Landing person).

The popcorn came-out and people got together for the continuing sagas of these families that were always the prime suspects for being on weekly covers of tabloids/magazines. Were you a lover of Pam Ewing, Sue Ellen Ewing, Alexis Carrington, Krystle Carrington, Valene Ewing, Karen MacKenzie, Abby Ewing? Of course YOU ARE! 

The best of the best we will feature for the 1980s Nighttime Soaps are: Dallas, Knotts Landing, Falcon Crest, Dynasty, and Flamingo Road were tops!

We will be talking about these night time soaps in-depth, articles that speak to the series itself, cast, costumes, favorite episodes, and much more! What was your favorite night time 1980s soap, character, storyline, and episodes? Please respond with your comments and will share them in the articles. Thanks you great Classic Film/TV buffs!!!!

Sunday, December 29, 2019

4th Annual Goldie's: Best New Classic Leading Men!

"Love Those Classic Movies!" is proud to announce our "4th Annual Best New Classic Leading Men" being the best of the best on the silver screen. We are sure you will agree that this list yet again of 5 leading men have already left an impact on each role/motion picture each has appeared in thus far. It is safe to say that these leading men have already had banner roles and will have many more for us to look forward in seeing. 

This year's roster is; Benedict Cumberbatch, Eddie Redmayne, Mads Mikkelsen, Benicio Del Toro, and Michael Shannon!

Michael Shannon:

Benicio Del Toro:

Mads Mikkelsen:

Eddie Redmayne:

Benedict Cumberbatch:

Saturday, December 28, 2019

4th Annual Goldie's: Best New Classic Leading Ladies!

"Love Those Classic Movies!" is celebrating our 4th Annual Goldies: Best New Classic Leading Ladies. The four leading ladies in this roster are such uniquely talented ladies that surely one will also agree that each is very deserved of this award and recognition. 

Helena Bonham Carter:

Michelle Williams:

Renee Zellweger:

Laura Dern:

Saturday, October 26, 2019

In Pictures: Eleanor Parker

Here is our 68th installment of this very successful feature to "Love Those Classic Movies!!!" This article is simply an enjoyment via beautiful pictures of our favorite golden age classic stars. Not a lot of writing at all or tid bits or extras just simply as it is stated, "in pictures!" Hope you enjoy the leading lady Eleanor Parker! Eleanor was a three time Academy Award Nominated Actress for her superb performances in; Interrupted Melody (1956), Detective Story (1952; this is one of my all time favorite Eleanor Parker roles), and Caged (1951). Eleanor has been in countless silver screen classics along with above; The Sound Of Music, The Naked Jungle, and countless others.

Enjoy Eleanor Parker "IN PICTURES!