Saturday, December 19, 2015

In Pictures: Jessica Lange

Here is our 61st installment of this very successful feature to "Love Those Classic Movies!!!" This article is simply an enjoyment via beautiful pictures of our favorite golden age classic stars. Not a lot of writing at all or tid bits or extras just simply as it is stated, "in pictures!" Hope you enjoy the leading lady Jessica Lange whom is an Academy Award/Golden Globe/SAG/Emmy winning actress for such notable motion pictures as; "Tootsie," "Blue Sky," "Frances," "King Kong (1976)," "Sweet Dreams" and many others. Jessica Lange is a true definition of a leading lady whom lights up the silver screen to this day in her career spanning from the 1970's to current.

Many fans will know her as of recent in her tour de force roles within the hugely successful "American Horror Story" TV franchise. Jessica reminds people to this day that her acting is something that she completely transforms into the character and you as the watcher completely forget the actress. That in my book is a true defining definition of a gifted and truly great actor. Enjoy Jessica Lang "IN PICTURES!"