Tuesday, April 19, 2016

"Act, Sing, Laugh" one has to ENJOY LIFE!

|  Column: "Act, Sing, Laugh"  |  Special Guest Columnist: Antonio Rullez  |

Our own actor, singer/songwriter, dancer Antonio Rullez is sharing some of his great personal passion for the art of poetry. Antonio is taking us into a three part series of his column with a fantastic journey of poetry that he penned and truly adores. The first two entitled; "Times" & "Why The Heart" and now we are featuring the third and final  being; "Life!" These showcase Antonio's gift that expands vastly in the performing arts field. Let's continue the enjoyment of Antonio's poetry in his own words, enjoy!

We are happy to say there are MANY MORE articles that Antonio will be writing for his column. Keep an eye out for the next where he will give us incite into his acting career, behind the scenes, red carpet events, and much more, so stay tuned!


Partly following on from some of the sentiments of my poems, “Why The Heart?” and “Times”, this poem seeks to investigate life overall, as well as some of the more mysterious and subtle aspects of our lives and development as individuals and collectively.


Life is amazing yet can be full of cares
Life bleeds and gives tears of joy
Life leads yet some paths remain unknown
As if time stood still and you’re fully grown

Unrequited, love and other elements
Stagnation, hurt, procrastination but guts…
It will come to pass in the right way
When the courage invested finally illuminates the day!

© 2012 by Antonio Rullez

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Happy Birthday Doris Day!

 Doris Day - here at LTCM we adore this leading lady. Doris Day turns 94 years young on April 3rd of this year (2016). A lady that is very beloved for her love of animals and her true talent the shined through as a hit recording artist and major leading lady in the motion pictures. 

Doris enjoys giving back to her beloved animals and not being so much in the limelight as she did years ago. We still and will forever have her records and movies from the silver screen to always smile and see her talent as a masterful entertainer. I like to remind readers that she is not just a blonde that smiled and starred in comedies (though those are great) though proved her acting jobs in suspenseful films that got her to show that this lady has true range. Some very noteworthy films of Doris Day's are; "Pillow Talk" "Calamity Jane" "The Man Who Knew Too Much" "Pillow Talk" "Romance on the High Seas" (one of my all time favs), "Young Man With A Horn" "Tea For Two" "Storm Warning" "Do Not Disturb" "Billy Rose's Jumbo" "That Touch of Mink" "Midnight Lace" "The Pajama Game" "Julie" & "Love Me Or Leave Me" (my other all time favorite). These are all such great film classics and are worthy of seeing. 

One great thing is here in "Love Those Classic Movies!" we have featured many of the Doris Day movie collection and will be doing more! Now, let's all get together and sing "HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the one and only DORIS DAY!!!!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Happy Birthday to Debbie Reynolds!


The legendary entertainer Debbie Reynolds turns 84 years young today (April 1st). One of our last true leading ladies of the silver screen her list of classics such as; "Singing In The Rain" "I Love Melvin" "The Affairs of Dobie Gillis" "Hit The Deck" "The Tender Trap" "The Catered Affair" "Tammy and the Bachelor" "The Mating Game" "It Started With A Kiss" "The Gazebo" "The Pleasure of His Company" "How The West Was Won" "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" "The Singing Nun" "Divorce American Style" "What's The Matter With Helen?" "Mother" "In And Out" with countless other noteworthy motion pictures, tv movies, stage appearances and much more to remind us that there will never be another Debbie Reynolds!

Here at "Love Those Classic Movies!" Debbie is truly one of our favorite leading ladies to discuss and to feature since we started over five years ago. Debbie still goes strong with her entertainment from doing her one woman show all over the world to writing her now released biography. I think it is time for me to get a glass of wine and throw on one of the all time fav Debbie Reynolds movies, enjoy!!!!