Saturday, March 24, 2018

Act, Sing, Laugh: Hollywood Immersion

I feel very grateful and blessed to have, in February this year, been part of the Hollywood Immersive - Acting Immersive program in Los Angeles, which was a tremendously inspiring, enjoyable and rewarding experience. In this life-changing acting intensive, beautifully and brilliantly coordinated by Lilly Dawson and Adam Rotenberg, almost every morning of the 8 day program, the alarm would ring at around 6.20, alerting us to the fact that the crisp mountain air of Griffith Park and the Hollywood Hills awaited us.

Training rigorously in acting and expression with some of the best teachers one could find, four days in a row at the world-renowned Beverly Hills Playhouse, truly felt like heaven. And relaxing at 2am in the outdoor spa at the Villa where we resided (after a quick splash in the cool pool), subsequent to performing a wonderfully comedic scene at the phenomenal Skylight Theatre in L.A., were some of the highlights of a night and trip I believe I will never forget!

Stemming from this, my roommate, friend and wonderful cinematographer for the Hollywood Immersive program, Joshua Hoareau from Cine Studios, subsequently edited together for me my 2018 Acting Showreel: 

Feeling further uplifted and enlightened by the entire 'Immersive' experience, I subsequently composed some of my best dance footage in this 2018 Dance Demo reel:

What a ride!