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Five Easy Pieces (1970) Nicholson & Black are a couple with issues.


Five Easy Pieces (1970) / Columbia Pics.
Directed By: Bob Rafelson
Starring: Jack Nicholson, Karen Black, Billy Green Bush, & Lois Smith

~ Nominated for 4 Academy Awards including Best Actor, Actress, & Motion Picture.


A Tammy Wynette starts off in the background at the oil rigs singing "Stand By Your Man." We then see Robert "Bobby" Eroica Dupea (Nicholson) who is hard at work doing the oil rigs and then driving back to his little three room apartment that he shares wit his girlfriend Rayette Dipesto (Black).
Rayette is a waitress who dreams of being a singer.

Bob has a blue collar life where he does not have a lot of money, works hard and enjoys his life with his friends and Raynette such as going on a double date bowling night out. After the group leaves Bobby sticks around to have a moment to himself and to pay for the beers. He sits and just seems to be overwhelmed. Two ladies that call themselves Bettie (Sally Struthers) & Twinky (Marlena Macguire) start to hit on Bobby who mistake him as a local on air personality and he loves the attention. He leaves and says to them "wish I had more time..." He then leaves and goes over to see Rayette who is parked and sad in the driver's seat. She thinks they are over and is always mad and is very frightened that someday soon Bobby will up and leave her forever. They kiss and make up. Then we are brought to the next day where Bobby is working hard at the oil rig and him working hard. His good friend Elton (Billy Green Bush) who they are best of friends spending all the time together whether it is bowling, working, and having some extra fun with Bettie and Twinky this seems the daily rituals for them.

A horrible traffic jam has the two wait while Bobby finds in the back of a truck a piano and simply plays and finds himself driven the opposite direction. He eventually that evening finds his way back home to go see Rayette who is working at the diner. Bobby is gone for one entire night due to his
foolish fun on the piano and of course Rayette gets no communication from him and is mad at the possible games he is doing.

Bobby after spending an evening with Rayette and doing another double date with Elton finds out that Rayette confided in him that she is pregnant and is scared to death on telling Bobby. Bobby is sick and tired of the work and how his pal Elton compares each other and he things they are not even close to the same. Bobby up and quits his job then and there just simply unable to deal. Then sees two men in suits over trying to take and rough up Elton. Bobby goes over to rescue and fights them off and then finds out Elton is being accused of robbing a filling station nearby of money and is then arrested and taken away from the work site. Bobby is left by himself stunned and not knowing what to do next in his life that is seemingly going downward fast with no safety net.

All of this has Bobby jump into his car with a suit on and go and see his sister; Partita (Lois Smith) in Los Angeles who is also a pianist. Bobby finds himself meeting up with Partita in a recording studio playing a masterpiece for an album. They both see one another and embrace. Partita cries from
missing her brother and not seeing him since he ran off. They both play and Partita catches him up on the family. He finds out that his very whom he is very estranged from is very ill and had two strokes. Partita states that he may not have much longer to live and urges him to see his father at least one more time in Washington State. Partita offers to drive him up since she is going there as well but decides to drive himself up and stay for a week at the most and then perhaps head up to Canada. His life is in a true crossroad.

Bobby before leaving to see his father heads back and has some fun and then heads home to see Rayette who is out of it listening to Tammy Wynette sing; "D.I.V.O.R.C.E." Bobby tells Rayette that he has to leave now to go back home and will try to call her while he is up there. Rayette is very depressed and cries into her pillow. Bobby being cold tells her that he will try to send money to her while he is away and that is all he can do. "Bye Ray" is the last thing he says and then walks away. Then he decides that right thing which is to take Rayette along with him back home and she is thrilled. They have a very enjoyable drive along the coastlines and enjoying each other company.

The run into two ladies who have their car off the road and wrecked. Both ladies together are pissed on the person who sold them the car and it was a dud. They want to head to Alaska where it is "Cleaner" and so they will need a ride up to Washington State as well.

Prior to approaching home Bobby drops Rayette off at a motor lodge where he thinks it would be best for the overall situation. He says that he will be a few days and be back. Then off on to the large old yellow home of his father's. Piano is being played from inside as he walks in quietly. Bobby walks
around to what seems an empty home other than the piano music being played. He walks into a room where two people are playing and then into another where Partita is cutting their father's hair. During dinner Carl (Ralph Waite) Bobby's brother is there along with Catherine Van Oost (Susan Anspach) who is engaged to Carl. Bobby has been away for at least three years so it is a bit of  an awkward visit.

Catherine and Bobby start to talk and are very different people but start to enjoy each other's company. Bobby tells everyone of the past that he was practicing arrangement on the piano for Las Vegas shows so now we find out that he did use his skills as a gifted pianist in the past and then dropped it for whatever reason.

A phone call is made to Ray and he says he needs more time and will try to call in a few days. Ray seems to state that she may just leave since being alone and forgotten about. Bobby says he will call and is she is gone she is gone. More time is being enjoyed by sports and laughter between everyone. Carl decides to take his car and take the ferry over to the main land leaving Catherine home. Partita decides to use this time to get to know the man that is there as a care giver for her father. Later, Catherine walks in on Bobby resting and asks him to play something for her. He gets up and decides
to appease her by playing a lovely tune.

Catherine and Bobby have a lovely night together since Carl is out of town and decide that the next day they will spend the night again. Unknown to Bobby, Rayette shows up and enjoys a nice dinner with everyone. Carl mentions that she is more than welcome to stay with them and Bobby not being the most thrilled of her surprise appearance. Bobby needs to get away and heads to a local restaurant for a drink near the docks.

On a cold day Bobby takes his father out who really cant speak but can hear. Bobby talks to him while his father is in the wheel chair who can not share in the talk. Bobby talks about their relationship and how bad it turned out to be, wanting to repair it, being lost in life etc. A good conversation that released things from Bobby. Rayette and Bobby are now off to set off for home. The question now is what will the future hold for the couple?

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The Great Gatsby (1974) Redford & Farrow, the drama!


The Great Gatsby (1974) / Paramount Pictures
Directed By: Jack Clayton
Starring: Robert Redford, Mia Farrow, Karen Black,
Scott Wilson, & Same Waterson

~ One of the biggest hits and most awaited during the summer of 1974.
~ Based upon the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald


A young fellow arrives Nick Carraway (Waterson) comes via a small boat and decides to visit family his cousin Daisy Buchanan (Farrow) now resides with her wealthy husband who spends his time playing polo. The young cousin arrives with nothing but what he has on and jumps off his little motor boat to be greeted by his brother-in-law; Tom Buchanan (Bruce Dern) in the Long Island Sound. They arrive to the Buchanan's lush and luxurious mansion where one can see that Daisy has most definitely married up. Nick and Daisy embrace and are very happy to see one another. He mentions in their little town how the people miss her and how she adores her new comfortable way of life, never wanting to be part of the poor/wrong side of town.

Along with Daisy's good friend Jordan Baker a famous tennis player (Lois Chiles) they all go out to
the back of the home for drinks and have some conversation. During their talk about an author and his insights Tom was called away for a phone call where Nick finds out that he gets many phone calls from his mistress in the city.

Now we meet on Nick's arrival home from visiting his cousin he sees Jay Gatsby (Redford) who is his neighbor where every other evening in their grand lawn they always had new tents risen and grand parties put together. Meanwhile, Nick lives beside this lovely home and just watches from his small cottage's porch all the jazz music being played and all the rich and beautiful being carried off in the best motor vehicles all over.

Later, Nick and Tom go away and meet at this small beat up garage Tom's mistress the beauty Myrtle Wilson (Black) whose husband George (Scott Wilson) runs the garage. Tom and George are friendly and do business together and there is no idea that Myrtle is seeing Tom on the side. The day is now spent between the three. They go to Myrtle's sister's apartment named Catherine (Kathryn Lee Scott).
Both Nick and Catherine talk and get to know one another where he finds out the she just attended about a month prior to the Gatsby's home and says the family is all German and that is how they make their money and she is scared of them.

We see at sunset Jay Gatsby's outline looking over to the other side where there is a light the flashes twice while he motions to come. And now we are off to the Buchanan's estate where they are having a luncheon where Daisy thinks the marriage arrangement between Nick and Jordan is absolute perfection.  Then we are off to a grand evening party where Nick runs into Jordan looking define  in her flapper wear. The whole evening both Nick and Jordan are side by side at the party. They overhear at the table they are sitting about interactions with Gatsby where rumors are all over saying he is a killer, spy, you name it. Oddly enough this party is at the Gatsby estate where Nick wonders where he is and Jordan clarifies that he never attends his own parties but overlooks them from a far and that is it. During the evening a gentleman asks Nick to follow him and he has no idea why and where this is taking him just that he is going in a elevator with a man carrying inside his jacket a loaded gun. Nick states he was invited and thinks perhaps he was taken by mistake. Nick enters into a dark hallway and enters a room where he sees Jay Gatsby "Gatsby" (Redford) and they start to talk. They have introductions and finally meet one another since being neighbors and never speaking to one another before.

Neither truly knows much to say to one another. Gatsby thinks this should have been arranged since they needed to meet and of course Nick agrees. A very odd beginning for the two. And now a phone
call needs to take place and Nick needs to depart and they make plans to have lunch with one another. Gatsby asks before leaving if Nick is especially interested in any of the guests at the party where the answer is "no." As Nick heads back to the party it gets rained out. People run into the lovely mansion where the party takes over. The lovely white ballroom that was utilized in abundance in the 19th century is now finally active once again.

The next day both Nick and Gatsby meet. Gatsby shows him the wealth of cars he has as they jump in he goes into his background. His parents have died and moving from Europe due to a sad event that he does not want to talk about and then turning into a Major in the war everyone wanted to do nice things where he was awarded for his military endeavors. Gatsby offers Nick a job opportunity to make some good money. Off they go to a restaurant to meet and get more information on the possible work. Nick also finds out that Gatsby went to Oxford College and that the businessman met when Gatsby was poor. A self made millionaire is what Gatsby is.

The businessman is a gambler who according to Gatsby fixed the 1919 World Series. Tom actually is at the same restaurant and is stunned and jealous how Nick so poor could afford to be at the same
place and with Gatsby. Jordan goes to Nick's work and asks if he would meet and if Daisy would head over to meet with him. Apparently, Gatsby has been waiting for a long time to meet Daisy and have time with her. Nick runs into Gatsby and they speak about the opportunity of Daisy and him meeting and his business arrangement. Daisy is very happy to get a call from her cousin and accepts the invitation for heading over. All of a sudden Nick's cottage has dozens upon dozens of white roses delivered into his home for the visit with Daisy. The fine tea sets and food are brought over to make it that
much more special and to Gatsby's standards. While they wait Gatsby decides to leave but Nick persuades him to stay since Daisy is actually only a bit late. Daisy arrives in her lavender outfit and sets into the cottage not knowing what is going to happen. "It's Delicious" is her first words from seeing everything such as the roses. While looking she sees in a mirror Gatsby staring at her and he is quite nervous.  Both looked stunned and speechless for a bit...apparently Gatsby left his home for 8 yrs. and is finally back. Nick sees that they already know one another very well and he walks outside to give them space that they clearly need.

After quite some time Nick walks back in and the rain has stopped and Gatsby invites them both to
see his home and have lunch there instead. Nick now feels like the official third wheel. Nick now says he inherited money but lost most of it due to the great panic of the war. Gatsby shows Daisy the huge mansion he now owns which she loves and off they go on the whirlwind of a tour for the day. One gigantic and ornate room after another. Klipspringer is a long term guest that arrived at one of Gatsby's parties and never left. He enjoys the high life there and plays the piano for them as they walk around. Another phone call where Gatsby says; "Just do it, I can not talk right now...." Makes Nick wonder what else is he up to. Gatsby shows off his closet of wear and it is so fashionable since having someone in London who sends him the best for each season. Daisy is overwhelmed of the beauty of it all and cries as she takes it all in.

Jordan and Nick enjoy a lovely drive and stop off at the Wilson's garage to fill up on gas. Then off they go! George then goes upstairs to their apartment above the garage to find Myrtle who is nowhere to be found and that is due to the fact she is in the city enjoying new clothing and love from her married beau Tom. Same day we see that Daisy and Gatsby are together again alone and
remembering things of the past. Gatsby has collected via a scrapbook all things that have occurred in Daisy's life and has her look through it to show how much he still thinks/loves her since the beginning and never has stopped. One couple being Daisy and Gatsby are now enjoying time together where it is masked as she is going to see Nick and then there is Tom and Myrtle who are in the city happy together. Daisy tells Gatsby she never wanted to marry Tom. We find out that Gatsby asked Daisy to wait for him while he left to go over seas but it was years and life happened. Daisy did not have money and enters in Tom where he had wealth and showered her with gifts. Jordan had a letter in her hand and gave it to Daisy where she got into a cold ice of a bath and kept reading until the letter dissolved within the water. Gatsby finally then asks why did she then not wait and her reply then; "don't you know that rich girls do not marry poor boys" and then cries due to the reality of the statement.

Another lavish party held at Gatsby's home where Tom actually brings Daisy there. Jordan is along with them to enjoy the party. Jordan and Tom are people watching and ten notices Nick once again at this important people party where he perhaps does not belong. Gatsby then steps into the picture and starts to speak to Daisy and starts to introduce the Buchanan's to all the people in
vogue. Finally, Daisy and Gatsby have time together while Jordan/Tom are around meeting people and people watching. This leaves Nick as the go between to ensure that no one finds out about Gatsby and Daisy and them being together.

The party as they went back in the 1920's went all night and into the morning. Daisy is dragged off by her mad and very curious husband wanting to learn more about Gatsby. The home finally is at peace and looks so charming with the ocean as it's view. Tom later asks someone to find out about Gatsby especially "his women" and what he does. The mystery and perhaps jealousy sets in. More time is spent between Gatsby and Daisy with having a lovely dinner together. After a lovely dinner and dancing in the clothing the wore years before the kiss and know that they belong to one another. The memories they share and the love they still burn for one another is undeniable. Gatsby bought as he tells Daisy now the particular mansion to be just across the bay from her home.

A journalist all of a sudden shows up from the New York Journal and wants to know from Nick what is going on next door with the man named Gatsby. This seems to be the guy that was hired to snoop around from Tom. The curiosity about Gatsby was at a feverish height and that Saturday evening
rather than a party he closed he house and nothing but quiet. All servants have been fired since Gatsby does not want gossip with people seeing Daisy there. Nick tells him there is rumors around about him killing a man and he quips back..."just one?" Gatsby has focused his life to be with Daisy and time with her rather than the glitz and glamorous parties.

Gatsby is invited to the Buchanan's mansion to eat and relax. It is very crazy but while Tom steps out for one of his calls, Daisy runs over and kisses Gatsby in front of Jordan and Nick not caring. Daisy's daughter then runs in and gets to meet Gatsby.

On a joy ride with Gatsby/Daisy in one car and Jordan, Nick and Tom in the other they go and Tom needs to stop at the local garage to get gas. Wilson mentions to Tom if there would be a way for him to borrow the blue car and get away for a bit with his wife. He found out about something going on with his wife and needing to go away with his wife fast and to borrow the car. Tom of course has the car being sent over the next day. Myrtle knocks and breaks the glass hurting herself badly to get
Tom's attention but to no avail. They drive into NYC and head right to the Plaza Hotel to get cool since there is a heat wave. Tom then in the hotel room and starts to make accusations regarding Gatsby making love to his wife....where Gatsby decides to speak and says; "Your wife does not love you and never has, she did not even when marrying you..." Daisy then speaks about why they had to leave Detroit due to bad things he did. Gatsby asks Daisy to tell her husband the truth about things and says that she could not handle all this but she loved her husband at the same time Gatsby as well. Gatsby states that she is going to leave Tom for him and she can not handle it and runs off. Tom in the halls yells that Daisy has something that everyone is afraid to talk about and off they go both Daisy and Gatsby. Nick, Jordan, and Tom are left in the room and unfortunately Nick realizes it is his 30th Birthday.

Myrtle and her husband have an argument about his lack of being able to take care of her. George wants to stay with her and Myrtle thinks he is simply dumb. She falls and he keeps her from leaving the garage. On their way home Tom notices that the garage is full of people so he decides to go in and have a look. Upon going in Tom enters and sees police and sees that Myrtle is dead. Myrtle supposedly ran out of the garage to get away and got hit by a vehicle passing by and got killed. Her husband is ruined from this news. Tom sees the body and decides to quietly leave with no more attention being put on him.

Finally, they all get back and Tom notices that Daisy bedroom lights are on. Nick decides to leave and take the car back to his house. While leaving he sees Gatsby and they talk. Gatsby states Daisy is going to be leaving and wants to make sure that nothing goes wrong since he does not trust Tom
since also seeing what happened to Myrtle. Finally, George while finding the diamond studded dog collar that she could not afford had to be the other man that also killed her. He remembered while they were fighting she said that he was on his way to get her. And he now thinks he drove by and never stopped and killed her. George decides to leave and find the other man.

Next morning Gatsby visits Nick and tells him he waited until 4 am for Daisy where she went to her balcony to only go back in, turn the light off and go to sleep. Gatsby is now heartbroken and confides all this in Nick. Nick finds out that Daisy was driving on the way back and actually killed Myrtle. Myrtle apparently recognized the car as being Tom's perhaps and ran out and Daisy was the one that ended up doing a hit and run.

Drama is getting ready to ensue even more for Daisy, Gatsby and others. What is going to come of them all and the love triangle that is going on? This very well done classic is a not miss!


The Leading Men of the 1970's!

The Leading Men of the 1970's!

The four top leading men deemed as the defining actors of the 1970's are:

Robert Redford, Jack Nicholson, Clint Eastwood, & Al Pacino.

These leading men truly hit the silver screen in big ways with major roles in motion pictures during the 1970's.

"Love Those Classic Movies!" will highlight in articles each leading man as being the definition of what made the 1970's a great decade for films.

Great films that each leading man appeared during the 1970's:

Robert Redford:

Little Fauss and Big Halsy (1970)
The Hot Rock (1972)
The Candidate (1972)
Jeremiah Johnson (1972)
The Way We Were (1973)
The Sting (1973)
The Great Gatsby (1974)
The Great Waldo Pepper (1975)
Three Days of the Condor (1975)
All the President's Men (1976)
A Bridge Too Far (1977)
The Electric Horseman (1979)

Jack Nicholson:

The Rebel Rousers (1970)
On A Clear Day You Can See Forever (1970)
Five Easy Pieces (1970)
Carnal Knowledge (1971)
A Safe Place (1971)
The King of Marvin Gardens (1972)
The Last Detail (1973)
Chinatown (1974)
The Passenger (1975)
Tommy (1975)
The Fortune (1975)
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest (1975)
The Missouri Breaks (1976)
The Last Tycoon (1976)
Goin' South (1978)

Clint Eastwood:

Two Mules for Sister Sara (1970)
Kelly's Heroes (1970)
The Beguiled (1971)
Play Misty for Me (1971)
Dirty Harry (1971)
Joe Kidd (1972)
High Plains Drifter (1973)
Breezy (1973)
Magnum Force (1973)
Thunderbolt and Lightfoot (1974)
The Eiger Sanction(1975)
The Outlaw Josey Wales (1976)
The Enforcer (1976)
The Gauntlet (1977)
Every Which Way But Loose (1978)
Escape From Alcatraz (1979)

Al Pacino:

The Panic in Needle Park (1971)
The Godfather (1972)
Scarecrow (1973)
Serpico (1973)
The Godfather: Part II (1974)
Dog Day Afternoon (1975)
Bobby Deerfield (1977)
...And Justice For All. (1979)

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The Art of Costumes: An Interview with Nicholas Inglis

The Art of Costumes: An Interview with Nicholas Inglis
 (Costume preservationist/historian)
    Nicholas Inglis is a long time classic movie fan who then took the passion for them to a whole new level. Starting in 1995, Nicholas started to recognize the importance of saving and preserving for the world the costumes that were made for classic movie masterpieces. Not just buying to have but truly understanding the significance each holds in our history of cinema and to keep them intact for new generations to see and enjoy. This constantly growing museum from hats, gowns and much more is a passion that Nicholas stays true with and now is a preservationist/record keeper for our adored movie stars, movie studios, motion pictures, and especially the designers of the era who will never be matched again. Designers such as Adrian, Edith Head, Walter Plunkett, Helen Rose, Travilla and countless others made these costumes come to life. The amount of man power that went into each costume with all details from top to bottom done for each star. Nicholas, I like to think is an archivist for our glamorous Hollywood past and is keeping it alive with ensuring these costumes thrive and are seen by many to have new generations understand and as well become fans of everything classic movies!
Interview by: Mason Williams

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Lucky Me (1954) Doris has "High Hopes!"

Lucky Me (1954)
Directed By: Jack Donohue
Starring: Doris Day, Phil Silvers, Robert Cummings, Nancy Walker, & Martha Hayer.

Costumes by: Moss Mabry


The beginning we meet Candy Williams (Day) who is a aspiring starlet who has only been on stage for 2 months and that is it, in other words her career is only beginning! Candy on her way to work sings a tuneful song: "The Superstition Song" which is very true for her life, always very careful. Candy is part of a struggling acting troupe at a lovely theater but it seems that they are not taking off. The theater for show's is never a packed house often only a handful that are not responsive. It gets
very frustrating for the troupe who is helmed by Hap Schneider (Silvers). Apart of the troupe is the other leading lady Flo Neely (Walker). They all do a musical number called; "Men" and the theater is so irritated by the poor response he ends the troupes show with bringing the curtain down early and starting the movie early to try and keep people.

The troupe is now homeless and not sure where to go. The "Crystal Room" is where Candy dreams of going performing at which is huge and very swanky venue. The "Food By Anton" and the lovely hotel which has the "Crystal Room" is where Hap decides to take everyone for a very upscale dinner and works with a fan which happens to be a police officer named Mahoney and asks him if he could enter the restaurant and pretend to bring them to jail in order of not paying the bill. They all eat like kings and queens at the very posh place. The police officer while they are at dinner is placed on another area for his work so is unable to help in the scheme and then it all falls apart. They all end up working in the kitchen to pay off their debt of the bill which is hard labor.

Dick Carson (Cummings) is a producer of musical theatre and is working on a new project. Flo is working at the hotel where they now from breaking a statue need to work off more debt and she hears that the famous Dick Carson is right there in person. Flo dances and then comically is done. Lorraine
Thayer (Hayer) a daughter is a wealthy oilman and is dating Dick. The hope is that Lorraine's father will finance Dick's next show and he is keeping his fingers crossed for that.

Candy and company hear about the possible work with Dick Carson she hurries over to the hotel to meet him. Dick runs into Candy and gives her ride as they both get acquainted. Dick finds out that Candy works within the kitchen of the hotel and he is a mechanic (well at least that is what he says). With the anonymity he thinks he could get to know someone without the fame and see if she would date and get to know him. They share a nice ride together while talking and decides to go on the date since the card reader told her she would meet a mysterious man which is this supposed Eddie (who is really Dick) and things would go great. More lovely tunes are sung like "High Hopes" "Love You Dearly" "I Speak to the Stars" and "I Wanna Sing Like An Angel." Candy and Eddie get to know one another and fall for one another. Will Dick be able to keep up the charade as Eddie and win over Candy or will she find out and then what? Watch this 1954 musical from Warner Bros. that originally Doris did not want to make but did it due to her contract and with her professionalism still puts her all.