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Leading Ladies of the 1950's!

The Leading Ladies of the 1950's! - That is right, we here at Love Those Classic Movies! (LTCM) are back at it once again; providing the best of the best from a new decade in focus - the 1950's!

These ladies you will truly embody the 1950's from their outstanding projects in this specific decade which due to their quality stand the test of time.

Let us hear from you on your thoughts, maybe you agree, disagree or have someone of worthy mention. It is a very difficult task at hand which is never taken lightly on our end. We will be publishing our "Leading Men of the 1950s" shortly along with other wonderful decades such as the 1960s, 1940's, 1930, 1920's and more! Now take a seat and have a read of whom we consider the true definition of a classic lady of the 1950s.

The eight top leading ladies deemed as the defining women of the 1950's are:

Dorothy Dandridge, Susan Hayward, Ava Gardner, Deborah Kerr, Katharine Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Simone Signoret, & Eleanor Parker!

Dorothy Dandridge:

Tarzan's Peril (1951)
The Harlem Globetrotters (1951)
Bright Road (1953)
Remains to be Seen (1953)
Carmen Jones (1954) - nominated for an Academy Award & BAFTA.
Island In The Sun (1957)
Tamango (1958)
The Decks Ran Red (1958)
Porgy and Bess (1959) - nominated for a Golden Globe

Susan Hayward:

 1959    Woman Obsessed
 1959    Thunder in the Sun
 1958    I Want to Live!
 1957    Top Secret Affair
 1956    The Conqueror
 1955    I'll Cry Tomorrow
 1955    Soldier of Fortune
 1955    Untamed
 1954    Garden of Evil
 1954    Demetrius and the Gladiators
 1953    White Witch Doctor
 1953    The President's Lady
 1952    The Lusty Men
 1952    The Snows of Kilimanjaro
 1952    With a Song in My Heart
 1951    David and Bathsheba
 1951    I Can Get It for You Wholesale
 1951    Rawhide
 1951    I'd Climb the Highest Mountain

Ava Gardner:

 My Forbidden Past 1951
 Pandora and the Flying Dutchman 1951
 Show Boat 1951
 Lone Star 1952
 The Snows of Kilimanjaro 1952
 Knights of the Round Table 1953
 Mogambo - nominated for Academy Award 1953
 Ride, Vaquero!   1953
 The Band Wagon   1953
 The Barefoot Contessa 1954
 Bhowani Junction 1956
 The Little Hut 1957
 The Sun Also Rises 1957
 The Naked Maja 1958
 On the Beach 1959

Deborah Kerr:

 1959    Beloved Infidel
 1959    Count Your Blessings
 1959   The Journey
 1958   Separate Tables - nominated for an Academy Award
 1958   Bonjour Tristesse
 1957   An Affair to Remember
 1957   Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison - nominated for an Academy Award
 1956   Tea and Sympathy
 1956   The King and I  - nominated for an Academy Award, won Golden Globe
 1956   The Proud and Profane
 1955   The End of the Affair
 1953   From Here to Eternity - nominated for an Academy Award
 1953   Dream Wife
 1953   Young Bess
 1953   Julius Caesar
 1952   The Prisoner of Zenda
 1951   Thunder in the East
 1951   Quo Vadis
 1950   King Solomon's Mines
Katharine Hepburn:
 1959    Suddenly, Last Summer - nominated for an Academy Award & Golden Globe
 1957   Desk Set
 1956   The Rainmaker - nominated for an Academy Award & Golden Globe
 1956   The Iron Petticoat
 1955   Summertime - nominated for an Academy Award
 1952   Pat and Mike - nominated for a Golden Globe
 1951   The African Queen - nominated for an Academy Award

Marilyn Monroe:

 1959    Some Like It Hot - won Golden Globe
 1957    The Prince and the Showgirl
 1956    Bus Stop - nominated for Golden Globe
 1955    The Seven Year Itch
 1954    There's No Business Like Show Business
 1954    River of No Return
 1953    How to Marry a Millionaire
 1953    Gentlemen Prefer Blonde
 1953    Niagara
 1952    Monkey Business
 1952    O. Henry's Full House
 1952    Don't Bother to Knock
 1952    We're Not Married!
 1952    Clash by Night
 1951    Let's Make It Legal
 1951    Love Nest
 1951    As Young as You Feel
 1951    Home Town Story
 1950    All About Eve
 1950    The Fireball
 1950    Right Cross
 1950    The Asphalt Jungle
 1950    A Ticket to Tomahawk

Simone Signoret:

 1959    Room at the Top - won an Academy Award & Golden Globe nominated
 1957    The Crucible
 1956    Un matin comme les autres (Short)
 1956     Death in the Garden
 1955    Mutter Courage und ihre Kinder (Short)
 1955    Diabolique
 1953    The Adultress
 1953    Confidences en zig-zag sur l'amour (Short)
 1952    Casque d'Or
 1951    Shadow and Light
 1951    Without Leaving an Address
 1950    Gunman in the Streets
 1950    Le traqué
 1950    La Ronde
 1950    Four Days Leave
 1950    Manèges

Eleanor Parker:

 1959    A Hole in the Head
 1957    The Seventh Sin
 1957    Lizzie
 1956    The King and Four Queens
 1955    The Man with the Golden Arm
 1955    Interrupted Melody - nominated for an Academy Award
 1955    Many Rivers to Cross
 1954    Valley of the Kings
 1954    The Naked Jungle
 1953    Escape from Fort Bravo
 1952    Above and Beyond
 1952    Scaramouche
 1951    Detective Story - nominated for an Academy Award
 1951    A Millionaire for Christy
 1951    Valentino
 1950    Three Secrets
 1950    Caged - nominated for an Academy Award
 1950     Chain Lightning

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

"Act, Sing, Laugh" My Showreel Experiences!

Antonio Rullez Showreel Experiences
After having composed, over a four year period, the majority of the music for
the original musical “Man of Assisi”, taking on the lead role of St Francis in
most of the performances of the 2013 production was, in many ways,
something entirely different. Parts of my opening night for these
performances feature in both my “Singing and Playing keys” and “Acting”
showreels, but seem only partially to represent the degree of preparation,
emotionally, spiritually, physically and performance-wise overall, required for
this production. It was, in respect of both the rehearsal and performance
process, one of the most rigorous yet rewarding experiences of my career and
Moreover, playing the lead role of Agent Ferrara in the La Trobe University,
Melbourne (Australia) short film “Single Woman Seeks Good Robot” (2011)
was, similarly, though in a filmic context, a delightful time, both in terms of
making the movie and the comradery established between fellow cast and crew
members and the director. This film, shown as part of “Short Flicks” at the
ACMI Cinema (Federation Square, Melbourne), features significantly in my
“Acting” showreel and, on the whole, is one which was well-made and
wonderfully directed and performed.
My time (extending to the present) with the Victorian Ballet School
(Melbourne, Australia) is largely demonstrated, at least performance-wise, in
my “Dance” showreel, which presents extracts from a number of dance and
theatrical performances, of varying styles, between 2009 and 2011. I found
2009 to be a particularly challenging year with respect to dance and, especially
earlier in the year, had noted that it took a considerable amount of time for
certain aspects of my dancing technique to “click into gear”, so to speak.
However, as “concert-time” drew nearer, things started to flow a lot more and
the difficulties that I had faced ultimately held me in good stead for the years
of rehearsals, performances and great times ahead.


Showreel Links
Acting showreel:
Singing and Playing keys showreel:
© Antonio Rullez 2016