Monday, December 31, 2012

McLintock! (1963) Wayne & O'Hara shine!

McLintock! (1963) / United Artists
Directed By: Andrew V. McLaglen
Starring: John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara, Patrick Wayne, Stefanie Powers, Yvonne De Carlo, Jerry Van Dyke, &  Edgar Buchanan

Set in the late eighteenth century the perfectly matched couple being the powerful and wealthy ranchers; George Washington "G.W" (Wayne) and Katherine (O'Hara) know exactly how to set each other off. This is the exact reason why this couple is not on the best of terms since G.W. was suspected of infedility.
G.W. loves his hard drinking and free for all games that lends itself to be perfect for his new found free time. The next questionable step made is with the choice of the new cook, Louie Warren (De  Carlo) who is a widower with two children. G.W. hires the beauty to keep his home together against Katherine's shagrin. Katherine's eldest, Dev Warren (Patrick Wayne) moves into G.W.'s home as well. Dev meets Becky McLintock (Powers) and they both fall for one another. One issue is that Becky returns from school with "Junior" Douglas (Van Dyke) which makes for a sure love triangle.
Enters back into the home Katherine who now by seeing the lifestyle her husband has is now wanting a divorce and full custody of Becky. Sparks fly with the McLintock's between a battle down the dirty mud, brawls and more. This is a wonderful motion pitcure with such a dynamic stars that keeps the viewer in laughter. Watch the movie to find out if G.W. and Katherine mend or toss each other in the dust.

Maureen O'Hara - McLintock!