Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Happy Birthday Doris Day!

 Doris Day - here at LTCM we adore this leading lady. Doris Day turns 94 years young on April 3rd of this year (2016). A lady that is very beloved for her love of animals and her true talent the shined through as a hit recording artist and major leading lady in the motion pictures. 

Doris enjoys giving back to her beloved animals and not being so much in the limelight as she did years ago. We still and will forever have her records and movies from the silver screen to always smile and see her talent as a masterful entertainer. I like to remind readers that she is not just a blonde that smiled and starred in comedies (though those are great) though proved her acting jobs in suspenseful films that got her to show that this lady has true range. Some very noteworthy films of Doris Day's are; "Pillow Talk" "Calamity Jane" "The Man Who Knew Too Much" "Pillow Talk" "Romance on the High Seas" (one of my all time favs), "Young Man With A Horn" "Tea For Two" "Storm Warning" "Do Not Disturb" "Billy Rose's Jumbo" "That Touch of Mink" "Midnight Lace" "The Pajama Game" "Julie" & "Love Me Or Leave Me" (my other all time favorite). These are all such great film classics and are worthy of seeing. 

One great thing is here in "Love Those Classic Movies!" we have featured many of the Doris Day movie collection and will be doing more! Now, let's all get together and sing "HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the one and only DORIS DAY!!!!

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