Thursday, March 3, 2011

His Kind of Woman (1951) Russell & Mitchum, what an item!

"His Kind Of Woman" (1951) RKO Radio Pics
Directed By: John Farrow
Starring: Jane Russell, Robert Mitchum, Vincent Price, Raymond Burr & Tim Holt

"This place is dangerous. The time right deadly. The drinks are on me, my bucko!"


They were two of a kind ! ...and bound to meet, but neither of them knew what such a meeting would mean!

Note From Classic Movie Gentlman:

I am a huge Jane Russell fan and have always been. Ever since seeing her brassy no nonsense self in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" she was someone that got my attention right away. Jane could hold her own and take on various roles either musicals, comedys, dramas, or film noir such as this great film classic "His Kind Of Woman" which to me is one of Jane's best films. Jane is paired with in my opinion her best leading man who is Robert Mitchum. Both of them seem to be a perfect combination on screen with the drama and intensity for one another that one could see it translate off screen. This film we are going to be talking about now is a true classic "Film Noir" in every right. The darkness of the film and of the story the twists and turns it takes us along are simply lovely. A film of Jane's that is part of her "MUST SEE" collection! Enjoy all of you film buffs/Jane Russell fans!!!!


A mysterious job is offered to Dan Milner (Mitchum) that is very lucrative paying $50,000 with no questions asked in Mexico. For Dan this could not occur in a better time in his life since being in need of a windfall of money due to having a downward cycle of his professional gambling. Dan without any hesitation accepts the job and flies on a charted airplane where the only other passenger is the ever so beautiful Lenore Brent (Russell). Dan is immediately smitten by Lenore. They finally arrive to Mexico where Dan and Lenore both are going to stay at the very secluded resort called Baja California.

Dan finds that Lenore is actually dating a famous actor who was already there waiting for her named Mark Cardigan (Price). There seems to be a lot of guests staying at this resort who all have comes with different motives than a simple vacation. Dan then over hears two men staying at the resort which sounds like it involves him so the fun begins now....the two are asked upfront about it by Dan directly and it is confirmed. All of a sudden Dan is provided with ten thousand dollars right away and told that a person is coming to see him and that is it.

Enters in Bill Lusk (Holt) from a flight and our cases of mistaken identities begin to ensue. Dan begins a conversation with Bill thinking that that he his the contact but then finds out Bill is with the Immigration and Naturalisation Service and works undercover for them. Here is where things get VERY interesting. Bill is there because the department has a reason to believe an underworld boss named Nick Ferraro (Burr) who was deported back to Italy was trying to get back into the country but with Dan's identity. Both Dan and the crime boss resemble each other and there ends up being a plastic surgeon at the resort so it seems like this has a potential to be planned perfectly for Nick to escape and Dan to disappear with no one ever knowing.

Meanwhile, Lenore's plans to marry a wealthy man such as the actor she went to meet up with do not happen since his ex-wive or soon to be shows-up to be with him. Lenore confesses this all to Dan that she is money hungry and that is it. Both of them seem to be very similar and are in Mexico for the same reason so stick together and find themselves attracted to one another. Lenore and Dan stumble upon a dead body and other killings ensue at this tropical resort who knows who will get out alive or dead. The police come and try to help rescure the guests that make an escape to a boat. A great shoot out scene at the end.

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