Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Toy Wife (1938)

The Toy Wife (1938) MGM Studios
Directed by Richard Thorpe
Starring: Melvyn Douglas, Louise Rainer and Robert Young

The story centers on a great young beauty Gilberte 'Frou Frou' Brigard (Rainer) whom lives in Louisiana. Gilberte meets her sister's fiance George (Douglas) and ends up stealing and marrying him. During this time she meets a young dashing man Andre (Young) whom potentially is the true love of her life. Will 'Frou Frou' the great beauty of the south take the heart of two men and which one will she ultimately be this beautifully done MGM costume period piece. If you enjoy classic films with lavish film sets along with costumes this is one up your alley.

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  1. I really like this movie. Yes,I like Gone With the Wind ,too. This is a history piece, If this era troubles you,look away. As a period piece I loved it.