Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas in Connecticut (1945) a Xmas classic!!!

Christmas in Connecticut (1945)  Warner Bros Pictures
Directed By: Peter Godfrey
Starring: Barbara Stanwyck, Sidney Greenstreet, Dennis Morgan, Reginald Gardiner & S Z Sakall

This one of my favorite Christmas favorites and a true classic that one can see every year! I have to see it annually along with "White Christmas" it simply would not be the holiday season with out this must see movie!

Tagline: "It's the fun show that's the one show to see!"

Elizabeth Lane (Stanwyck) is the original Martha Stewart of the 1940's. Being the "perfect food columnist" for a New York City newspaper, Elizabeth loves the fame that she has being the all around best at home entertaining possible. She writes about her lovely country estate in Connecticut along with the fireplace including her perfect recipes that everyone wants to emulate. There is one HUGE issue with this image of the perfect columnist that she lives in an apartment in New York City rather than in Connecticut and can not cook to save her life! It is all a lie which is about to blow up in her face literally.
Ms. Lane is suppose to have a child and be wed and all of this as well is made up for readers to love so it is all fiction. Her newspaper came up with a great idea to get a war veteran being Jefferson Jones (Morgan) to spend Christmas for publicity with Ms. Lane and family for the perfect holdiay, uh oh! With her help of Felix her excellent NYC chef (Sakall) she will try to impress both her boss being Alexander Yardley (Greenstreet) and Jefferson on the perfect holiday with a very elaborate lie borrowing a home from the man she has now promised to wed since he loves her truly being John Sloan (Gardiner).
It is all becoming on a grans scale a mess, can Elizabeth Lane whom now finds herself attracted to the veteran continue the cover-up and be with someone she really does not love??? Watch this classic to find out, I absolutely LOVE IT and yes I am very

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