Friday, December 17, 2010

The Shop Around the Corner (1940): Stewart & Sullavan Shine!!!

The Shop Around the Corner (1940)

Directed By: Ernst Lubitsch

Starring: Jimmy Stewart, Margaret Sullavan, & Frank Morgan

Interesting Facts:
  • Ranked #28 in 1999's AFI's 100 Years, 100 Passions.
  • Remade as a MGM musical, "In The Good Old Summertime" starring Van Johnson & Judy Garland
  • Another version made in thr 90's "You Got Mail" starring Meg Ryan & Tom Hanks.


The Matuschek and Company store located in Budapest, Hungary has all eclectic items. The time is weeks prior to Christmas at the store. Hugo Matuschek (Morgan) is the store owner whom has employed a gentleman named Alfred Kralik (Stewart). Alfred is a young bachelor whom is highly successful as a salesman at the shop and is the highest performer there. Without his knowledge a young and very hard working lady named Klara Novak (Sullavan) is hired by Hugo to start working at the shop. Instantly, Hugo has competition at the shop and he dislikes it. 

Both Alfred and Klara immediately do not take to one another as co-workers. During this time both parties have no idea that they actually have been pen pals to one another. They have never provided a real identity in the letters but find that they like one another from what is said on paper. On paper they hit it off perfectly. The eve that the young couple is suppose to finally meet one another in person is when Alfred finds himself unemployed. Hugo decides to keep Klara at the shop but to let Alfred go. With the sadness of the news Alfred leaves and then waits at the bar and finds out that Klara is the lady he has been corresponding to. With feeling guilty and ashamed Alfred does not say anything. Later, Hugo finds out that he has done a wrongful thing to Alfred and rehires him. Can the young couple that get along so well on paper make it work in person...we shall see!   

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