Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Flamingo Road (1949) "A wrong girl for the right side of the tracks"

Flamingo Road (1949)/ Warner Bros
Directed By: Micahel Curtiz
Starring Joan Crawford, Zachary Scott & Sydney Greenstreet

Taglines: "A wrong girl for the right side of the tracks."

Lane Bellamy (Crawford) is a lady in the cross roads of her life trying to make it but is having a ahrd time doing so. Curerntly, Lane is a carnival dancer which is a tiring line of work for her. Lane aspires for bigger and better things someday. One of the towns that the carnival is passing through Lane leaves the dancing behind and become a waitress. From the beginning from the first meeting with the small southern town's corrupt poilitical boss Titus Semple (Greenstreet) both Lane and the boss do not get along. Titus see's Lane as a political liability to his political future and wants her gone for good. While in town Lane meets the dashing Fielding Carlisle (Scott) and they both become romantically involved. Titus mounts a campaign to get Lane rushed out of town by keeping her from getting positions and eventually has her arrested. The charges are all fake due to morals but it is exactly what Titus wants to chase her out for good but it is not happening. Lane is released and finds a job as a hostess at a road house where she meets Dan Reynolds another person whom is part of the polical scene. Dan and Lane wed and start a life on the famed "Flamingo Road" in town where now they are powerful and can take Titius down.

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