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The Man Who Came to Dinner (1942)

The Man Who Came to Dinner (1942)

Directed By: William Keighly
Starring: Bette Davis, Ann Sheridan, Monty Woolley, Jimmy Durante, Billy Burke, Richard Travis, & Mary Wickes

This classic film is a feel good film with tons of lavish items such as clothing and sets, what a movie should be! A feel good movie with a good message through out.

Fun Facts:
  • Film based on a popular play written by George S. Kaufman & Moss Hart which debuted in 1939  at the Music Box Theater, NYC.
  • 1949 made into a radio production with Charles Boyer, Jack Benny and Rosalind Russell in title roles and then again in 1950, another radio production was done with Lucille Ball as Maggie Cutler and Clifton Web as Sheridan Whiteside.  

Weeks leading up to Chrsitmas in the 1940's a famous radio personality Sheridan Whiteside (Woolley) (whom strike an astonishing resemblance to Santa) pays a surprise visit to a wealthy family in Ohio. Before even entering the lovely home of the Stanley's (Burke & Mitchell) Sheridan takes a hard fall down the front entrance stairs. Once this occurs he is rushed into the stately home where he is advised by a doctor to take bed rest and to not leave until being recovered. Well, Sheridan is in heaven with this situation where everyone can wait on him hand and foot so is in no rush to get better. Sheridan makes a miserable patient and it torture for everyone else involved especially the Stanley's whom just want him to leave after several weeks!!!

 Maggie Cutler (Davis) is the very strong and independent secretary to Sheridan whom has seen it all with being employed by this wacky man. Maggie is one of the very few that knows how Sheridan works and can not be swayed by his antics. A very strong and understated lady whom would love to find some love to enter her life. Enters a local newspaperman named Bert Jefferson (Travis) who comes to the home to itnerview Sheridan. At first site Maggie is smitten with Bert in big ways. Both Bert and Maggie start to spend time together and seem to be very interested in one another. To liven thigns up Sheridan decides to invite an over the top drama filled actress Lorraine Sheldon (Sheridan) whom is vacationing to the home in Ohio. Lorraine is the total opposite to Maggie in all sense to dressing and personality. Lorraine is high mainetance and high demand to Maggie's easy going and very friendly demeanor.

Lorraine then finds herself smitten as well with Bert when spending time at the home which gets Maggie very angry. Maggie knows exactly what Sheridan is doing to shake things up and does not like it. Miss Preen (Wickes) is a brash nurse hired to take care Sherian and knows how to give all the guff right back, she is such a riot! Banjo (Durante) is a Hollywood friend of Sheridan's whom shows-up to the Ohio home to visit and then gets eyes for Miss Preen! Throughout the film Sheridan drops big names to show-off just how famous he is which is hillarious and is an on-going joke. Then it comes to Christmas and the big radio telecast which will now be done at the Stanley home which is getting tons of Chrsitmas gifts such as penquins, what a laugh out loud film not to be missed!

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