Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Bad and the Beautiful (1952) Love is for the birds!

The Bad and the Beautiful (1952) MGM
Directed by: Vincent Minnelli
Starring: Lana Turner, Gloria Graham, Kirk Douglas, Walter Pidgeon & Dick Powell.


"The story of a blonde who wanted to go places, and a brute who got her there - the hard way!"

~ gowns by Helen Rose.

"The Bad and the Beautiful" Academy Awards:

Best Supporting Actress: Gloria Graham
Best Screenplay: Charles Schnee
Best Black & White Cinematography: Robert Surtees
Best Art Decoration: Cedric Gibbons and Edward Carfagno, art direction; Edwin B. Willis and Keogh Gleason, set decoration

This is one of the best Lana Turner films in my book. Jonathan Shields (Douglas) is a big time studio exec in Hollywood though his career is ailing at the moment. In order to repair it three of his past friends have been asked to assist with the task. One is a large film star Georgia Lorrison (Turner) whom he had a relationship with and found her and got her her first job as an extra on a movie. Now they no longer speak which seems to be the case for all people he worked with in the past it seeme to all end in a very bitter end with both going separate directions. The other two gentleman asked to assist is a writer and director (Pidgeon & Powell). Things then come back to haunt them and are revisited during these new conversations. A grand film with brilliant acting done by all worth seeing! 


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