Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sorry, Wrong Number (1948) Operator! Operator! Operator!

Sorry, Wrong Number (1948): "Operator! Operator! Operator!"
Paramont Pictures Directed By Anatole Litvak
Starring: Barbara Stanwyck & Burt Lancaster.

~Stanwyck nominated for Oscar as Best Actress~
~Nominated for the Writers Guild of America's, "Best Written American Drama of 1949" ~

Taglines:  Tangled Wires... Whispering of Murder! Tangled Lives... Fighting to Escape!

Film centers around Leona Stevenson (Stanwyck) whom is ill and bed ridden. One evening while waiting for her husband to return home (Lancaster) she accidentally overhears a conversation between two men on her phone whom are planning to kill someone. Leona is then trying to figure out who the poor person they are going to murder to try and prevent the murder from happening. When calling the the operator they are unable to trace whom Leona was connected to since it was an accidental connection she was part of. Since not knowing who the people on the phone were nor where they are in the city though knows it is going to happen that evening and at a specific time Leona is scared for someone's life. The police are called but they too have there hands tied since not knowing whom they are looking for. Will Leona find out whom the murderer is and more importantly get to the person who they are after before it is too shall watch to find out!!! What a dark and perfect Barbara Stanwyck flick. This is one of my all time favorite Barbara Stanwyck films!!!!

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