Thursday, December 30, 2010

Humoresque (1946) "My Heart Stood Still"

Humoresque (1946) Warner Bros
Directed By: Jean Negulesco
Starring Joan Crawford, John Garfield & Oscar Levant

~ Nominated for an Academy Award, Scoring in a Dramatic or Comedy Picture
~ The famed costume designer Adrian did all gowns for Joan Crawford in this film. (Adrian & Joan had a long working relationship @ MGM which he designed many of her gowns and films).


This dramatic story centers on a woman named Helen Wrifght (Crawford) whom is high society. Helen meets a young and up-coming violinist Paul Boray (Garfield). Paul wants to be a successful musician but has a long way to do so. Helen sets her sights on him and becomes very smitten so they embark on an affair together. Helen with her social prominance and wealth can provide what Paul needs for his career, the right people and connections. In return the couple start to fall in love. The issue later is that Paul's love for his music is very much what is his primary importance in life and Helen sees this. His love and passion for his violin and career will come before anything even if it means love. This information kills Helen and she starts to see while his career rises thanks to her assistance the realtionship suffers and comes into question. A great love that Helen takes in such stride and importance may just bring her to the brinks of drastic decisions......A lovely film of Joan Crawford's that show's her love and dramatic side of the 40's a very well done film!

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