Monday, December 27, 2010

Vivacious Lady (1938) "you'll be reminded of me"

Vivacious Lady (1938)
Directed By: George Stevens
Starring: Ginger Rogers, Jimmy Stewart, Charles Coburn, Beulah Bondi, & Jack Carson

~ Nomianted for two Academy Awards for Best Cinematography & Best Sound, Recording.
~ A radio production in 1940 was done starring Ginger Rogers, Fred MacMurray & Charles Coburn.


Professor Peter Morgan (Stewart) whom is from a very nice repsected family and small town goes into NYC to rescue his troubled cousin. While in NYC Peter meets a nightclub singer whom is from a very different world than he named Francey (Rogers). They both seem to be smitten with one another and fall head over heels. Things happen fast and before we know it the couple are wed in the city. Peter heads back with his new wife to his small town to introduce Francey to his parents. Well, this does not go off as well as planned.
since his parents are stunned by this nightclub singer whom is vastly different than they. Peter gets cold feet and has trouble finding the right words to tell his parents the news so does not say anything. Francey meets her rival whom has her eyes set on Peter. There are choice words thrown at Francey so a few slaps and a good catfight ensues between the ladies. This is darn funny! Peter is a professor at a college so Francey stays at a lady's dorm for the evening so things cool down. Peter's mother Martha (Bondi) then goes to talk with Francey whom then finds out by accident that they are wed. The two ladies have a good conversation and respect one another. Peter's father Peter Morgan Sr. (Coburn) heads over and knows of the marriage and is angry and wants them to divorce and no such thing is going to happen. Martha decides she is tired of the marriage and being bullied and leaves with Francey to NYC. Both ladies think they are better off as single dames but find themselves very sad and teary eyed. To the amazement both Peter and his father whom was in an accident to get to them get to the train and all is well, I love a good ending! The two couples are happy!


  1. BFF, Thanks for posting this!! Rogers and Stewart! What a cute pairing!! :) I love RKO movies!

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