Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Bride Wore Red (1937) "Who Wants Love?"

The Bride Wore Red (1937) MGM Studios
Directed By: Dorothy Arzner
Starring: Joan Crawford, Franchot Tone, Robert Young, Billie Burke & Reginald Owen

~ Adrian the famous gown designer made all gowns for Joan Crawford in this film.

A theory of Count Armalia (George Zucco) is that anyone with the right monetary funds can libe the same live. The only item that separates people is wealth and it is simple as that. The count decides to test his theory and put it to action when he meets Anni a poor singer. Anni aspires to bigger and better in life but does not have the name nor the opportunity such as money to get it. The count thinks Anni deserves to try a shot of the good life for two weeks with a limitless wealth. He sends Anni abroad with a new identity and a beautiful wardrobe and an entire glamourous overhaul from head to toe. The agreement is that Anni goes to a resort for two weeks paid in full to see if people fall for her new life that is all made up. Anni decides while being on this vacation from her reality that life at this lush resort is everything she has dreamed of and she will not leave it for any cost. The new plan is to meet a wealthy man and merry him in order to keep the lifestyle and to do so she can lure him with all the glamour she can buy for two weeks. Anni meets a handsome wealthy man named Rudi Pal (Young) though he is already engaged to Maddelena Monti (Lynne Carver) which is only a slight road bump in her plan. The issue Anni has is that her plan is surpassing two weeks and she needs to get Rudi to propose now. During her stay she also meets Giulio (Tone) the local postman whom is the perfect man for her except he is not of means. Anni and Giulio love spending time with one another but things need to keep at a ditstance. To Anni's happiness she finds that finally the engagement between Rudi and Maddelena is dissolved so the marriage that she has dreamed of can happen. The evenings at the swanky resort has always been an educational experience for Anni with the white gowns and lace to blend in with the rest of the guests though she has the perfect gown to wear.....the red sequined gown. This gown was made espeically for her and is the dream and she finally wears it one evening turing all heads to show the true Anni. That evening she comes to realize what she really wants and is after all the while. Joan Crawford and Frachot Tone are simply devine as a couple in love where we can see they were truly in love.

The red gown designed by Adrian

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