Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy Holidays: The Classic Movie Style!!!! (Part 3)

The stunning Rita Hayworth in red for Xmas!
Happy Holidays: The Classic Movie Style!!!! (Part 3)
Here is part three of our holiday season's best in pictures, music and all things Classic Movies!! Hope you enjoy these installments as much as I do with putting them together. It is a lot of fun to see our favorite screen celebrities and lovely tunes to enjoy, what true gifts in my book! I will be posting a few of these to keep us all posted as to what our ladies and gentlemen of the silver screen are up to and singing for this holdiay season, so let's get a good egg nog and put the lights down for some fun yule tides!!!! Happy watching.  : )

Virginia Grey is waiting for Santa, looks like she is a bit naughty! lol
Jack Benny getting ready to be santa on the radio!
Loretta Young being a good girl and decorating for the holidays.

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