Monday, November 15, 2010

"Two Girls and a Sailor" (1944)...this 1940's MGM Musical Shines!!!

"Two Girls and a Sailor" (1944)
MGM Studios / Directed by: Richard Thorpe
Starring: Gloria DeHaven, Van Johnson, June Allyson, Jimmy Durante, & Lena Horne

*  This film was the first of six films pairing June Allyson & Van Johnson, what a team!


Two sister's during WWII, Patsy (Allyson) and Jean (DeHaven) Deyo have big dreams since being part of a entertaining family whose parents have since passed away. These girls dream is to open a canteen for all servicemen to attend with live music and grand decorating. Both sister's have an eye on this large old warehouse and also meet a charming sailor named John Dyckman Brown III.

The sailor instatly is attracted to the beautiful sister Jean not knowing that Patsy is also in love with him. Billy Kipp (Durante) a friend of there parents and whom met these ladies years ago on the Vaudville circuit now is enlisted to make the dream of the canteen alive. This film has many lovely musical numbers with Lena Horne and Jose Iturbi on the helm, gotta love MGM for pulling out all the big names! Gracie Allen even makes an appearance at the eventful and successful canteen.

This is for me one of my fav Gloria DeHaven films along with "Best Foot Forward" also with MGM. I love the old school MGM studio musical..what can I say!!!

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