Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Holidays: The Classic Movie Style!!!!

Doris Day Xmas!
Happy Holidays: The Classic Movie Style!!!!

Living it through is time for those beautiful and dashing actors and actress's of the silver screen to get dressed-up, sing those yuletides, light those tress, decorate and party so here we go...HAPPY HOLIDAYS from "LOVE THOSE CLASSIC MOVIE's the stars and me...I love these vitnage pics!!!!

I will make sure to not be too wordy so you can simply look at the lovely glamorous photos and also have some holiday tunes to listen to, check-out the tracks at the end that are musts this time of year!!!
Bette Davis is ready to unwrap some gifts!!!
Betty Grable is all dressed and has MANY places to go this holiday season!!!!
Bing Crosy + Holiday Music = a staple for everyone!
Carol Lombard is loving this holiday season!!!

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  1. :) Happy Holidays Classic Movie Blogger Mason, AKA BFF! I love this post! Love the Youtube videos of these lovely songs! :) I can only imagine how much fun the Classic Stars had celebrating the Holidays! Vintage beautiful style and fun! Oh boy I try to take that inspiration into my Holiday style!
    Now if only I could get away this season and see my BFF in NYC, that would be a sample of styling like the stars we would have! :)

    Happy Holidays Classic Movie Friends!