Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Leading Ladies of the 1980's

The Classic Leading Ladies of the 1980's

That's right we are highlighting the classic leading ladies who lit up the screen in the 1980's.

Help me choose who was the true Queen of the Screen in the 1980's!! Who embodied the best of the 1980's of the 17 in total ladies in the running. We will give the Top 3 the title: "Leading Ladies of the 1980's."

With this we will highlight each leading lady with articles here and will do so for our leading men and later for other decades as well. No fear if some of your favorites since the lists are lengthy are not here we will be doing this again!

The following are the ladies up for the title of: Leading Ladies of the 1980's, remember only 3 will walk away with this title and each person can vote for their top 3 and voting starts today!!

And the nominess are: 

Jessica Lange
Michelle Pfieffer
Sissy Spacek
Meryl Streep
Sigourney Weaver
Kathleen Turner
Meg Ryan
Whoopi Goldberg
Goldie Hawn
Glenn Close
Susan Sarandon
Kim Bassinger
Molly Ringwald
Debra Winger
Sally Field
Rosanna Arquette
Sean Young


  1. Can I start the ball rolling Mason?
    It's difficult to narrow it down, but my top 3 are:

    1. Michelle Pfeiffer: Thanks to her work in The Fabulous Baker Boys, Married To The Mob, Tequila Sunrise, Ladyhawke and Scarface.

    2. Meg Ryan: Because of When Harry met Sally, Innerspace, D.O.A. and Top Gun.
    Meg was awesome in the late 1980's but over the whole decade Michelle made more quality films.

    3. Kathleen Turner, mainly due to her turn as a femme fatale in Body Heat.

    This is a great feature and I'll look forward to reading every one else's choices.

  2. Michelle, Michelle, Michelle! She's timeless, really: I could see her in any of the Bacall-esque Film Noirs of the '40s just as easily as I see her in stuff today. Love that lady.

  3. Hi Paul & Laura,

    I love your votes and REALLY agree with Michelle Pfieffer being such an 1980's mainstay along with Kathleen Turner as the 80's beauty....and gotta love Meg Ryan for her comedies!!

    "The Leading Ladies of the 1980's" front runners are: Kathleen Turner, Meryl Streep, & Michelle Pfieffer. With ladies that are right up there Jessica Lange, Glenn Close, Meg Ryan, & Debra Winger. Looks like we have out TOP 3 potentially and contenders....if you want to get your votes in do so NOW!!!!!