Monday, May 14, 2012

Crimes of Passion (1984) Her name is China Blue...

Crimes of Passion (1984)
Kathleen Turner Anthony Perkins
Directed By: Ken Russell

Kathleeen Turner & director Ken Russell


Her name is China Blue. She is watched. She is worshipped. And, she must remain a mystery.

The film starts out in a group of sex addicts talking with one another. A guy goes Bobby Grady (John Laughlin) with his friend who is Donny Hooper (Bruce Davison) and this friend is very uncomfortable about talking about his sex life and his wife Amy who they seem to be growing apart with no such sex life (Annie Potts). The we pan to see Ms Liberty (Turner)  literally spreading her virtues while accompanying a man in her room. She is an exotic prostitute who plays to all men's wants and desires and is very successful at her craft. She changes her role, mood and setting to whatever the man is paying is looking for. China Blue is what her name is when working the streets as a high class/paid prostitute. Then enters Reveren Peter Shayne (Perkins) who run breathing hard and sweating all over into the red light district trying to pary the sins away of the prostitutes and the men who accompany them. China and the Reverened meet for a brief moment where she recalls having a intimate encounter with him and has some choice words with him and leaves.

Bobby is facing a lot of financial difficulties with his family. He agrees to take on a job in the side and meets up with this fashion company. Bobby is needed to be hired because as a investigator at night part time on a lady who works for the company that is very questionable. She is stone cold to all men at work and is very friendly to co-workers who are women. She is a very motivated designer who is thought to be selling inforamtion to competitors. Bobby then agrees to follow Joanna Crane from her posh home to the red light district role as China Blue at a seedy hotel. He watches with a camera all the work she does with an insance Reverened who has many sexual desires hidden away in his back of tricks.

The reverened has started to follow China Blue and vows to get her and harm her, We then find out that the leak at the fashion company is not Joanna but a gentlemen who they fire and are non the wiser about Joanna and her work at night as a prostitute. Bobby is asked if he found anything out about her and says no and leaves it at that. His marriage in the bedroom is very unhappy to say the least so he heads over to spend his first encouner with China Blue which is electric for the both of them.

The reverened has been watching them through a peep whole he made in her room. As one can tell the Rev. has a major emotional attraction to China Blue. Will the attraction go over board to murder with China Blue or will she be able to keep her safety and will have to watch and find out.

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