Monday, October 17, 2011

Won Award: "The Irresistibly Sweet" Blog Award!!

Great News, "Love Those Classic Movies!!!" won 2 of the following awards:
"The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award!"

I have to say the classic movie version of this award is FANTASTIC!!!
Once you receive this award you are supposed to share 7 things about yourself and nominate 12 of your favorite blogs to be honored with this award.

A few things about myself:

- I love all types of music.

- Enjoy going to concerts.

- Reside in Boston, MA.

- 2 of my all time favorite books: "Zala's Gift" & "Presumed Innocent."

- Since childhood I have enjoyed classic films.
- trained in piano (have not played in forever!)
- took vocal & acting training.

My honorees for this award:

- Howard at  Soundtrack To My Day

- Nicholas at  The Vintage Film Costume Collector

- Jane at To Dress Vintage

- Chris at Silent Volume

- The Siren at Self Styled Siren

- Bethrose at Finding Ginger

- Chrisstina at Fashion's Most Wanted

- Stephen at Classic TV History
- Kendra at Viv and Larry
- Raquelle at Out Of The Past
I am thrilled to have this award and hope it gets paid forward to other noteworthy blogs (such as the ones mentioned above!).

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