Saturday, October 15, 2011

Madam Satan (1930) evil never looked soo good!

Madam Satan (1930) / MGM Studios
Directed By: Cecil B. DeMille
Starring: Lillian Roth, Kay Johnson & Reginald Denny

Quote: "Who wants to go to hell with Madam Satan?"

Costumes: Adrian (gowns)
Set Design: Cedric Gibbons


An extravagantly MGM Studios designed and pre-code musical, Madam Satan is legendary director DeMille’s moralistic yet lighthearted story of infidelity among the filthy rich. A wife (Kay Johnson) tries to lure her husband (Reginald Denny) away from his trashy showgirl mistress (Lillian Roth) by posing as the mysterious title character. Always the showman, DeMille’s signature spectacular set is a costume ball. The husband does take sharp notice to this mysterious Madam Satan that he has never saw before and is intriqued by her and the joke is on him! This is DeMille's only venture into a musical/drama. A beautiful art deco lavish set musical number not to miss is the costume ball that occurrs during an electrical storm and a very interesting dance number is set. The gowns being pre code are wild and beautifully done as always by te famous Adrian. This is a film to see!

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