Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Swimmer (1968) Send For Me In Summer

The Swimmer (1968) Columbia Pictures
Directed By: Frank Perry
Starring: Burt Lancaster, Janet Landgard, Marge Champion & Kim Hunter

Tagline: Burt Lancaster hits the screen with a bolt of personal drama as "The Swimmer"


Movie based on a book published in 1964 by John Cheever.


Neddy Merrill (Lancaster) in his comfortable life decides on one summer day to get home via the pools of the county. His energy is at first high at the beginning of the journey. Friends run into him and wish him well on the swim. The interesting part is mid-way through Neddy's trip of the swimming experience things take an odd turn. An entire swimming trip takes one day but things are starting to seem unclear and blury on the aspect of time itself, is it really just a day? We see when Neddy starts the swimming trip it is mid-summer then nearing the end it is fall. Even more odd by the time Neddy gets home has even more time slipped by.....you will have to see if it is just in one's imagination or reality! A very good and underated film of Burt Lancaster's.

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