Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Seven Year Itch: Marilyn Loves The Summer Heat!!

The Seven Year Itch (1955) / 20th Century FOX
Directed By: Billy Wilder
Starring: Marilyn Monroe, Tom Ewell, Evelyn Keyes

  • Based on a three-act play by George Axelrod.
  • Tom Ewell won a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Musical/Comedy in 1956.
  • This is where Marilyn wears the FAMED WHITE DRESS and it is swept up above her knees in NYC due to the grates underneath her from a passing train, what an iconic scene!!!

Taglines: It TICKLES and TANTALIZES! - The funniest comedy since laughter began!


"The Seven Year Itch" talks about what a couple goes through as a married couple in year seven, the itch of the eyes wondering and not wanting to be monogamous. This starts to happen with career man Richard Sherman (Ewell) has his wife and son leave the sun scorching NYC to get away during the summer to travel to Maine. Richard stays in the city with the other crazy businessmen and the day he returns home from his family departing on a train on Grand Central Station he meets his upstairs gorgeous neighbor (who is also happens to be a model) named simply "The Girl" (Monroe).

While proofing a book for a client that is trying to show that all men are meant to fail on year seven of any relationship and will cheat Richard starts to fall asleep. During this time there are hillarious dream sequences between "The Girl" and Richard but is woken up by the model who is going to keep him company but has to run back upstairs to get her underwear that she keeps in the freezer to keep cool, what a riot!! Then later the dreams come on such as femme fatale the girl plays and really can not resist Richard's wild ways.

As the days goes on Richard gets very emotional that he will fall under the girls spell and be one of the men (the casualty) of the seven year itch. Richard sees a therapyst and has more dreams that his wife and son see a commercial with the model in it warning of other ladies who reside in NYC of the monsterous animal names Richard Sherman, uh oh!!! Looks like a trip to Maine is in the near future for our dear Mr. Sherman!!! This is one classic Marilyn film that shows her comedic side in this delightful film.


  1. One of my favorite movies. Love Marilyn, but
    Tom Ewell is SUPER FUNNY!

  2. This is one of my favorite movies. I find it amusing how subtle the skirt scene is in the movie compared to the chaos it caused while shooting. Tom Ewell is hilarious.

    Just stopped by to let you know I am honoring your blog with an award over at Blame Mame.

  3. Oh wow, I am thrilled to be receiving an award from your blog Blame Mame, which I have checked out and love as well! By the way, what is the title of the award I have received and the image? Would love to make a special posting on my blog for this, MANY THANKS!!!