Saturday, June 9, 2012

Leading Men of the 1980's

The Classic Leading Men of the 1980's

That's right we are highlighting the classic leading men who lit up the screen in the 1980's.

Help me choose who was the true King of the Screen in the 1980's!! Who embodied the best of the 1980's of the 21 in total gentlemen in the running. We will give the Top 3 the title: "Leading Men of the 1980's."

With this we will highlight each leading man with articles here and will do so for our leading men and later for other decades as well. No fear if some of your favorites since the lists are lengthy are not here we will be doing this again!

The following are the gentlemen up for the title of: Leading Men of the 1980's, remember only 3 will walk away with this title and each person can vote for their top 3 and voting starts today!!

And the nominess are:
Kevin Costner
Matt Dillon
Michael J. Fox
Michael Douglas
Ricahrd Gere
William Hurt
Mickey Rourke
Harrison Ford
Kurt Russell
Eddie Murphy
Tom Cruise
Sean Penn
Sylvester Stallone
Rob Lowe
Dennis Quaid
Patrick Swayze
Steve Martin
John Candy
Christopher Reeve
Willem Davoe
Michael Keaton


  1. Because he's the hottest, I'll pick Harrison Ford. And because he's the funniest, I'll pick Steve Martin. And because he's Beetlejuice and Batman, I'll pick Michael Keaton. Not much of a help, am I?

    1. Hi Laura!

      No you are TONS of help! I love your picks and each had an amazing decade to be titled the leading man of the 1980's. So far votes are bringing: Harrison Ford, Steve Martin, Michael Keaton, Mickey Rourke, & Richard Gere in the head of the pack.