Sunday, June 3, 2012

On The Cover: Michelle Pfeiffer

1998 Sapin Magazine: "Cinerama."

Cover Girl: Michelle Pfeiffer

Our leading lady Michelle Pfeiffer premieres our BRAND NEW SERIES entitled: "On The Cover."
This series is for our leading ladies and men and to see them in the international best magazine covers. "Love Those Classic Movies!!!" will not spend a lot of time talking about the covers other than wanting you to enjoy our spotlight celebrity and their best ON THE COVER!

From the early 1980's to today Michelle Pfeiffer shines bright on a global scale on all major magazines from: Harper's Bazaar, Newsweek, Entertainment Weekly, People, & Vogue just to name a few. We are highlighting some of the best covers spanning from 1982 - 2000.

1982 French Magazine: OK!

1983 Magazine: "Cine Tele Revue"

1989 US Newsweek.

1990 U.S. People Weekly


1996 cover of "Entertainment Weekly" Michelle & George Clooney co-star in "One Fine Day"

1997 cover of: "New Woman" magazine with George Clooney & Michelle Pfeiffer who starred in
"One Fine Day" (1996)

1999 US "Harper's Bazaar"

2000 French Magazine: "Marie France."

1995 Austrian Magazine: "Freizeit."

Michelle on the cover of "Vogue Magazine" (circa 1990's)

1987 cover of Prevue Magazine with the cast of "Witches of Eastwick"
(clockwise: Jack Nicholson, Michelle Pfeiffer, Susan Sarandon, & Cher)

1994 United Kingdom Magazine: "Film Review."

1999 magazine: "AvantGarde."


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Paul!

      I agree and love being able to highlight Michelle Pfeiffer as one who influenced great acting/films in the 1980's!!!

  2. She is a beautiful woman and a great actress!

    1. Hi Cinemarion!

      I agree that Michelle Pfeiffer is a great beauty and a great actress! Lookout for the brand new article on Michelle here that is dedicated to her "In Pictures!" think you will LOVE IT!