Sunday, January 30, 2011

Next Topic: "Underrated Classics!"

Hi Everyone,
Here is some GREAT news from the classic movie gentleman regarding our discussion topics. Our next topic we will be discussing in-depth is: "Underrated Classics!"

We will discuss many films that are gems but not well known. I will be starting to do some great news here on the blog first before facebook with more detail here too....this will give you all more of  a reason to join the blog....please join the blog if you already have not!

Two underrated classics we will discuss in depth via articles and more are:

1) "Red Garters" (1954) Paramount Pics
Starring the lovely and tuneful Rosemary Clooney along with Jack Carson and Buddy Ebsen. This wildly funny musical western will surely be one to check-out!

2) "Born to Kill" (1947) RKO Radio Pics
Starring: Lawrence Tierney, Clare Trevor & Walter Slezak
This 40's film noir is often overlooked but is a true classic!

~ Please respond to this blog aticle with any of your underrated classics which I will ensure is part of our discussion. I have a few more but will leave them as a surprise....hope you like our up-coming topic so get your movie list ready to go!!!!

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  1. Another classic that will be captured during this topic is the Al Pacino film "Cruising" from 1980. This was a request from a fellow film buff and I am more than happy to highlight it. Please keep your requests coming for this topic!