Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Palm Beach Story (1942) a Sturges Hit!

The Palm Beach Story (1942) / Paramount Pictures
Directed By: Preston Sturges
Starring: Claudette Colbert, Joel McCrea, Mary Astor, & Rudy Vallee

Gowns Designed By: Irene (gowns for Claudette Colbert)


It is the 1940's and Gerry (Colbert) and Tom Jeffers (McCrea) have been married for five years and it is not working out as they thought it would. Financially they are in big turmoil with no money and bills including their luxurious apartment overdue. Gery meets a wealthy businessman whom just comes into her apartment with his wife to possibly take it over. This businessman hears of Gerry's woes and provides her with $700 to start things off better and to pay debts. Gerry is very taken back and goes and buys food but trouble begins when Tom comes home. Tom does not believe his wife on how she wound up with this newly found money and they argue.

Gerry is very unhappy and decides to get a divorce down south so she takes her money and travels to Palm Beach. While in Palm Beach Gerry meets her 2nd husband that is very wealthy named J.D. Hackensacker III (Vallee) who will make all worries go away and at the same time provide the needed finances that her Tom needs for his work. Gerry comes up with a scheme to get close with J.D. and get moeny for Tom. Tom shows-up in Palm Beach and then meets J.D.'s sister The Princess Centimillia (Astor) who now has her eyes set on him. The plans go up and down where many unexpected things occur like twins and more. This is one of the best classic comedies to watch, a sheer delight!



Wedding gown sketch by Irene




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