Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gilda (1946) "Put The Blame on Mame!"

Gilda (1946) / Columbia Pics
Directed By: Charles Vidor
Starring: Rita Hayworth, Glenn Ford & George Macready

Gowns By: Jean Louis


Gilda gambles as recklessly as she lives!

"I was true to one man once... and look what happened..."

RITA HAYWORTH...dynamic as never before...scaling new dramatic heights in her most exciting role!

Review by Variety Magazine:

 "Hayworth is photographed most beguilingly. The producers have created nothing subtle in the projection of her s.a., and that's probably been wise. Glenn Ford is the vis-a-vis, in his first picture part in several years...Gilda is obviously an expensive production — and shows it. The direction is static, but that's more the fault of the writers."


An American gambler Johnny Farrell (Ford) just arrives in Buenos Aires. Johnny cheats while there at the game of craps and is rescued from Ballin Mundson (Macready) during a robbery. Ballin mentions to Johnny a GREAT place to really make money is an illegal casino nearby but to get his skills up to snuff. Of course hearing about the instant money Johnny ignores the message of practicing his hand at gambling and goes right to the casino where he is caught cheating and is brought to the owner who is none other than Ballin. Johnny is hired by the casino as an employee.

Enters, Gilda (Hayworth) the new and most dazzling wife to the huge boss Ballin. Ballin met the seductive Gilda while on vacation and had a whirlwind romance and wed during that time, that is just how much magic this Gilda has over men! It is very clear when seeing the relationship between Gilda and Johnny that they had known each other in the past and have history. This become very clear to the new husband, Ballin who then questions them and of course both deny it.

Gilda and Johnny get into a very heated confrontation in her bedroom which ignites the passion and romance they hold for one another. The relationship that Gilda and Johnny have is very heated and dynamic since they ignite the deepest emotions from one another. Gilda behind her husband's back see's other men which she knows will drive Johnnny mad since she is blatantly odvious in front of him.

Ballin later is doing things that are questionable and fakes his own death which leaves Gilda a widow along with the estate. Gilda and Johnny then wed and are very happy in their new life. Johnny actually weds Gilda to punish her and has her held hostage in her own home and leaves her home with guards so no guests and no fun can occur. Gilda tries to tempt his anger to set her free of this horrible marriage by doing several actions such as the very memorable striptease along with singing "Put The Blame on Mame." in front of other men. Then more stunning and shocking surprises happen that test this couple that are soo passionate with hatred at this time, but do they deeply still love on another? This classic film noir will keep you guessing and hooked, one of Rita Hayworth's best!!!

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