Friday, November 25, 2011

2nd Annual "Classic Mr. & Mrs. Clause"

2nd Annual “Classic Mr. & Mrs. Clause"

Jack Benny & Jane Russell had a splendid time for being 2010's first ever. We did featured articles showing these stars in their holiday best and antics. It is time to choose yet another couple for this grand award. We will be announcing categories and who is nominated what we will need is YOUR VOTES!!  Be on the lookout for the up-coming articles for the voting to begin!!!

Join "Love Those Classic Movies!!!" for our 2nd celebration with choosing the perfect classic actor and actress to be 2012's "Classic Mr.s & Mrs. Clause."

Last year's celebrities were Jack Benny & Jane Russell who were perfection as our very first to ring in this tradition! This year we want your particpation on choosing who would be best for wearing these hats. We will give you a lengthy list for both roles and will give you time to choose both - it is simple the actor and actress that received the most votes will become this year's Mr. & Mrs. Clause!

Have fun with this and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

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