Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spotlight On: Lucille Ball!

Spotlight On: Lucille Ball!

  That's right ladies and gentlemen the classic movie gent is announcing our brand new spotlight topic which is no other than the red head herself: LUCILLE BALL!!!

  Lucille Ball was a long time actress prior to her signature television 1950's role in "I Love Lucy" from starting out as a model, a bit contract player at RKO Studios, to landing herself the signature red hair and very versatile roles on the silver screen from musicals: "Ziegfeld Follies" "Du Barry Was A Lady" dramatic roles: "The Big Street" and her comedic roles: "Fancy Pants" "The Fuller Brush Girl" "The Long, Long Trailer" "Forever Darling" "Yours, Mine and Ours" and many more. 

  Enjoy the coming up film articles on Lucille Ball along with a radio program and more! Hope you enjoy and love Lucy as much as I do, cheers!!!!

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