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Pillow Talk (1959) "Roly Poly!"

Pillow Talk (1959) / Universal Pictures
Directed By: Michael Gordon
Starring: Rock Hudson, Doris Day, Tony Randall, Thelma Ritter & Nick Adams

Gowns for Doris Day: Jean Louis

Tagline: "Footloose bachelor...beautiful career girl...and the world's most fascinating pastime!"

~ Nominated for 3 Golden Globes in 1960 for Best Actress (Musical/Comdey) for Doris Day, Best Supporting Actor for Tony Randall & Best Motion Picture (Musical/Comedy).

~  The fantastic team of Doris Day, Rock Hudson & Tony Randall starred in 3 films together this being the first followed by: "Lover Come Back" & "Send Me No Flowers."

Academy Award:

1960 WonOscarBest Writing, Story and Screenplay
Russell Rouse (story)
Clarence Greene (story)
Stanley Shapiro (screenplay)
Maurice Richlin (screenplay)
NominatedOscarBest Leading Actress
Doris Day
Best Actress in a Supporting Role
Thelma Ritter
Best Art Direction-Set Decoration, Color
Richard H. Riedel
Russell A. Gausman
Ruby R. Levitt
Best Music, Scoring of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture
Frank De Vol


This first of Doris Day & Rock Hudson classics centers on Jan Morros (Day) a very independent and highly successful interior designer in New York City. Jan has a hillarious and often intoxicated housekeeper named Alma (Ritter) who questions just how happy and content the single Jan is alone without anyone by her side to love.

To her dismay Jan's phone company in the city is now having her use this new service called a party line which is a new development. Jan shares her party line with Brad Allen (Hudson) who is also a successful person as a Boradway composer and loves the ladies. Brad knows he wants a lady by his side but never a serious relationship and they change as his wardrobe does and he loves the bachelor way of different beauties all the time.

Quickly, Jan and Brad dislike each other and feud over the use of the party line. They have never met each other physically in person but hate one another on the phone since they are soo opposites which is very clear. Brad uses the phone line to chat to one young lady after another and sings to each a supposed original song for them. Jan can not believe what she hears on the other end and instantly hates everything that Brad is about to wranggle women in and the games he plays. Brad though thinks that Jan is simply jealous.

Currently, Jan's client is a millionaire named Jonathan Forbes (Randall) who is head over heels in love with her. Jonathan tries all things to show it but Jan is simply not noticiing and does not feel the attraction. What Jan also does not know is that Jonathan is also great friend's with Brad and went to college with him and is also working together to fund Brad's current Broadway project.

Brad finally meets Jan in person one evening at a nightclub and is smitten with her. A fake persona is created by Brad which is named Rex Stetson that comes along with a Texas accent and is a wealthy rancher. Jan is swept off her feet and the couple starts to see one another. Brad loves that Jan talks about Rex on the partyline to him and that she has found a true gentleman which he is not and he has to laugh. Jonathan is unhappy that the two have fallen in love since he wants Jan as well and sends Brad to Connecticut to his home to finish his songs and to get away from distractions. What Jonathan has no idea about is that Brad uses the opportunity to invite Jan to go with him away from NYC and she accepts. During the stay they are both happy together until Jan stumbles across sheet music that Brad wrote and left in the cabin. Jan looks at it and starts to play it on the piano and discovers the charade that is going on and storms out. Brad tries to explain the situation but Jan wants no part and then Jonathan shows up to reveal the game and takes Jan back to NYC.

Does Brad or Jonathan end up winning over the beautiful Jan at the end with maybe some help with her housekeeper Jan you will have to watch to find out!!!!!

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