Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Classic Radioland: turn the dial and tune in!!

Classic Radioland: turn the dial and tune in!

A brand new blog feature for "Love Those Classic Movies!!!"

As of today we will highlight the best radio programs from the classic age. You might remember the good 'ol days when Gloria Swanson, Ginger Rogers, Eve Arden, and Orson Wells lit up the radio waves weekly. If you do not then this is s new treasure to behold! Lux Theatre and other programs such as Command Performance offered the latest music and radio programs that entire family's would sit down and listen to.

There were the weekly story's such as the misadventures of "Baby Snooks" starring the hillarious Fanny Brice to the soapy serials and much more. Additionally original radio broadcasts were done live in front a studio audience covering the best films such as "Sunset Boulevard" and many more. The great way in this genre one could imagine with different details that the film may not capture a different look than the film. To top of it off often it would give another star who potentially did not star in the motion picture a turn on the meaty role. This way you could find out if maybe your true fav was the best for the role.

This classic movie gentleman gets hooked with these radio programs and loves adding this new addition to our blog. I will on a weekly basis or thereabouts post a new radio program involiving usually our current topic...such as if we are highlighting Ava Gardner that week's "Classic Radioland Programs" where we venture to the golden age will feature a radio performance of Ava as well. You might find Ava in a title role that she did not appear in the motion picture or doing a guest appearance on a serial will surely love it!

So head back to some of the best programs that our golden age of radio programs has to offer. I will be looking for postings afterwards to see what you thought of our weekly program and will highlight more of what people demand. Think of it as a way that we as a classic fan can get together weekly and have a little like an hour or less together...sipping tea and coffee and listening to our radio with no other cares! Hope you all enjoy and be on the lookout for our very first installment!!!!

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