Wednesday, May 14, 2014

In Pictures: Greer Garson

Here is our 56th installment of this very successful feature to "Love Those Classic Movies!!!" This article is simply an enjoyment via beautiful pictures of our favorite golden age classic stars. Not a lot of writing at all or tid bits or extras just simply as it is stated, "in pictures!" Hope you enjoy the leading lady Greer Garson. A seven time Academy Award winning actress whom won one for her role in; "Mrs. Miniver" (1943). Greer's incredible career has a numerous amount of classic films such as; "Goodbye, Mr. Chips" "Blossoms In The Dust" "Madame Curie" "Mrs. Parkington" "The Valley of Decision" "Sunrise at Campobello" "Random Harvest" "Pride and Prejudice" "Julia Misbehaves" "That Forsyte Woman" "Julius Caesar" and many more. Enjoy this true legend of Hollywood whom embodies; grace, intelligence, humor, class, elegance, humility and true star power.

Frank Sinatra & Greer Garson

Greer Garson & James Cagney

Walter Pidgeon & Greer Garson

Robert Mitchum & Greer Garson

Greer Garson & Humphrey Bogart

Laurence Olivier & Greer Garson

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