Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Goldie's: Best New Classic Leading Men!

The Goldie's: Best New Classic Leading Men!
That is right our "First Annual Goldie's" are here! This is where we award the Best of the Best for actors and actresses that have left a stamp already to be long lasting and a star for current classic cinema. 
The "TOP Leading Men for 2013" are:
  • Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Ralph Fiennes
  • Christian Bale
Leonardo DiCaprio
     Leonardo DiCaprio is a three time Academy Award nominated from his roles in: "Blood Diamond; "The Aviator" & "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" Other noteworthy reasons why this actor deserves to be a winner of this year's "Goldie" is also his very impressive way to become each and every character making one forget you are watching him but the person he is playing at that moment. To me this is a true actor and many can not do that. Leonardo has appeared in numerous films that will make a long impact in cinema and leaving his name forever as a mark in it. Here are other lovely films starring Leonardo DiCaprio:"Titanic" "Inception" "Shutter Island" The Basketball Diaries" "The Departed,. "J. Edgar" "Romeo + Juliet" "Django Unchained" "Marvin's Room" "Revolutionary Road" "Catch Me If You Can" "Gangs of New York" and many more.

Ralph Fiennes
     Ralph Fiennes is a two time Academy Award nominated actor for his roles in: "The English Patient" and "Schindler's List." His role in both of these motion pictures are truly top notch and are both classic roles and motion pictures already. Other defining films of Ralph Fiennes career are: "Wuthering Heights" ('92), "Quiz Show" "Strange Days" "Oscar and Lucinda" "Sunshine" "Onegin" "The End of the Affair" "Red Dragon" "The Constant Gardener" "The White Countess" "The Harry Potter film series", "The Land of the Blind" "The Hurt Locker" "In Bruges" "The Duchess" "The Reader" "Great Expectations" and many more. Ralph Fiennes is a truly gifted actor and deserves this recognition as a star we will all remember.



Christian Bale
       Christian Bale is another true talent ever since he appeared as a young lad in "The Empire of the Sun" and from there started a huge cult following known as the baleheads who have watched his career in various places. Christian has never stayed on one path as an actor that is for sure. He truly lives and breaths the characters which translates onto the screen,. Christian Bale has starred in many terrific films such as: "American Psycho" "The Fighter" "The Dark Knight" "The Dark Knight Rises" "Batman Begins" "The Machinist" "The Prestige" "The Flowers of War" "Terminator Salvation" "3:10 to Yuma" "Rescue Dawn" "Harsh Times" "Captain Corelli's Mandolin" "A Midsummer Night's Dream" "Velvet Goldmine" "Metroland" "Little Women" "Newsies" & "Swing Kids" Christian Bale is a perfect actor for this year's Goldie Award!

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