Friday, June 21, 2013

That Hamilton Woman (1941) Leigh & Olivier Shine!

That Hamilton Woman (1941)
Starring: Vivien Leigh & Lawrence Olivier
Directed By: Alexander Korda
The great love between Olivier & Leigh both on and off the golden screen translates beautifully in this motion picture.


The ever beautiful and stunning Lady Emma Hamilton (Leigh) is well known in high social circles due to her marriage to a man with great wealth. Lady Hamilton enjoys the fine things in life and has a chance encounter with Lord Horatio Nelson (Olivier) and instantly they lock eyes and start to fall for one another. The attraction is undeniable to either Lady Hamilton and Lord Nelson. They start to
have chance encounters off the beaten paths where no one can see nor have any idea of the love overflowing for this couple that want to be together and are looking for any moments to sneak eye contact, glances, a kiss and to even speak.

One huge issue that this couple that are encountering is that Lord Nelson has no means to sweep Lady Hamilton away and provide for her properly as she is accustomed to. If he leaves post haste with Lady Hamilton there would be no means from either party to have any sort of life together. Then this couple comes to a pass where they can not help but need to move forward with the love they have and not deny it no matter the cost. Does the young couple give everything up and tell the husband or is all the uncertainty become too much for anyone to handle? One will have to watch this classic film to find out!

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