Sunday, March 15, 2020

The Ladies of Knots Landing! (Part I)

The Ladies of Knots Landing! The TV screen turned on and the dial or clicker hurriedly found CBS to watch the intro of the panoramic instrumental swell with the cast coming onto screen, such as it was for me to enjoy  this Thursday at 10 pm masterpiece for a child's eyes! The bold storylines, clothing choice, the quipped verbal and physical battles going-on. A series the ran for 14 years spanning the 70's, 80's and 90's (running from 1979 to 1993). A show that started to be a vehicle for the other Ewing child Bobby whom moved away from the mental abuse of his brother J.R. to move to California in a cul-de-sac town called Knots Landing. 

Valene (a.k.a "Val") his beautiful wife inhabits one of the lovely homes. One see's that each neighboring home has a story that plays out typically behind closed doors and other times right out front on the street for all to see. The ladies and gentlemen of this TV Night Soap bring their wonderfully scripted war wounds that they have within themselves, their family, career and simply was thrilling to watch the continuing story unfold weekly for us the watches to turn into. When getting ready to write a new article series it was a simple blast of brain storming and looking at my pen and paper of topics/films/a topic of the 80's which I have never done for my youth for TV via this blog.
I wanted to place a focus on not only the art of the motion picture but the art from television. There is no doubt I went to an area that I have wanted to write about and finally decided it was "the right time" to do it. Being in my early forties I am looking as in my generation is now doing at the gems we grew-up to. In my head nd now penning and typing what would be My Dream List of re-boots and one the top of my list is; Knots Landing. It is undoubtedly a question that the cast can bring a rich script and done with class and style it would be not a tool to hi-light young but where has time taken the beloved cast to 2020....a twist and turn of what true life takes...surprises of Val having a hold on her mental anxieties and being a strong advocate for women supporting women getting back on their feet due to mental instabilities. Having a campaign and showing each has a important story brings her into a full circle and writing her own book/memoir of her life brings Valene to Knots Landing. We see flash backs of Val and her peaks and valley's living on the cul-de-sac. It would bring all back to the forefront for a strong and gripping series re-visited with fresh material. It is about time to give time not to just a reunion but rich stories. 

The Ladies of Knots Landing:
Valene Ewing - Joan Van Ark
Karen MacKenzi - Michele Lee
Abby Ewing - Donna Mills
Lucy Ewing - Charlene Tilton
Lilimae Clements - Julie Harris
Laura Avery- Constance McCashin
Cathy Geary / Cathy Geary Rush / Ciji Dunne - Lisa Hartman Black
Paige Matheson - Nicollette Sheridan
Ginger Ward - Kim Lankford
Anne Matheson - Michelle Phillips
Claudia Whittaker - Kathleen Noone

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