Saturday, March 28, 2020

The Ladies of Dynasty (Part I)

The Ladies of Dynasty - that's right I could not go on without a focus on the major powerful leading ladies on Dynasty. Each held their own in the battle for supremacy. The most beautiful gowns with those shoulder pads, big hair, and diamonds (can not forget about those!) took our attention as the decade of the 1980s with wealth and power was shown perfectly in this nighttime soap.

When watching you were either backing Linda Evans or Joan Collins whose knock-down and fist fights were phenomenal. These ladies knew what looked beautiful on them and used their words in a very choice weapon of queen bitch at it's finest. The storylines one had to love every week that they were; bold, brash, and way over the top, just the way WE ALL WANTED! The camera getting a gaze from Joan when she is at her best and the quips that were given right back from Linda are timeless and so campy, talk about those brawls these ladies had! We all had our favorite in the series and rooted for this week's episode maybe just maybe our favorite leading lady will have her due time and reign supreme taking all the power, the men, wealth, for themselves with no apologizes. 

A series that is a great time capsule for the 1980s and the POWER and RUTHELESSNESS that people were willing to do. Money seemed to never have an end, it was like a tree of money for these ladies that had a house especially dedicated to their wardrobes. A walk and visit to a company meant for Joan to take over a company in her crown glory of QUEEN BITCH! These ladies knew how to keep our attention and keep us tuning in week after week looking to find out what new over the top situation these ladies of DYNASTY would find themselves in.  


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