Friday, March 10, 2017

"Act, Sing, Laugh" The Light & Love!

Here at "Love Those Classic Movies!!!" we are pleased to announce the multi-talented  singer,songwriter, dancer, actor, and more; Antonio Rullez is back in 2017! This Aussie star is part of our family for the second consecutive year as a writer for his own acclaimed column entitled: "Act, Sing, Laugh." We know you are as happy to hear this news and will see many terrific columns which will allow you to get to know Antonio better while he brings us behind the scenes and special interviews and many more exclusives.

It is time for all to sit down and get ready to ready Antonio's seventh column which relates to; Light & Love! Now here is the introduction written by Antonio along with two original poems, cheers!

This poetry duo was realized quite recently, both poems having been written at a quiet time late at night. The poems resonate an allegiance to and inspiration from the divine, arising from my theological interest and Christian faith. I hope that you can, in some way, connect with the themes and vibe of the poetry.

"The Light"
How this day passes
From one to the next,
Hopefully leading
To what we need best.
We believe this truth
Of time yet unseen.
The faith and the love,
His light will still beam.

(c)Antonio Rullez 2016

"His Love"
His love that rises feeds the soul,
Frees the spirit and the mind,
An enlightened journey no longer hidden,
No longer bound, not blind.
Oh the rush of thought and iniquity That had wildly ensued,
Is gently whittled away by humble prayer,
Good will and good news!

(c)Antonio Rullez 2017



  1. Great stuff Antonio! Keep up the great talent, faith and blessings!

    1. Thanks so much, Gerard!!
      Hope you're well, God bless :)