Tuesday, March 8, 2016

"Act, Sing, Laugh" Poem of the TIMES

Our own actor, singer/songwriter, dancer Antonio Rullez is sharing some of his great personal passion for the art of poetry. Antonio is taking us into a three part series of his column with a fantastic journey of poetry that he penned and truly adores. The first entitled; "Times" with two other additional "Why The Heart?" and "Life!" These showcase Antonio's gift that expands vastly in the performing arts field. Let's get into Antonio's first poem and his own words the context behind it, enjoy!


This poem essentially encapsulates the ebs and flows of human existence and exposes the conflict between whether one should or should not dream and make a consistent effort in life, despite the possibilities of failure, as well as success, that we all face.


Times of triumph, tears of love
Streaming ambiguously via heaven above
Insane to dream? Yet silly if not
To take the chance, plan and plot

Start again daily, plant the seed
For self and others, what does it all mean?
Hope for all yet hopeless feelings for one
Cannot be easily traced back or undone

Remedies, success, look at the clock
Examine, believe, is there something we forgot?
Better to try, sometimes to fall
For time runs anyway, with or without the ball

© 2011 by Antonio Rullez

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