Tuesday, March 22, 2016

"Act, Sing, Laugh" Poem of the HEART!

Our own actor, singer/songwriter, dancer Antonio Rullez is sharing some of his great personal passion for the art of poetry. Antonio is taking us into a three part series of his column with a fantastic journey of poetry that he penned and truly adores. The first entitled; "Times" and now we are featuring the second being; "Why The Heart?" The last and final in the poetic series from Antonio is entitled "Life!" These showcase Antonio's gift that expands vastly in the performing arts field. Let's continue the enjoyment of Antonio's poetry in his own words, enjoy!


This poem was written in 2011, at a time when I was studying my Bachelor of Arts (Theatre/Drama major) at University (2010-2015).  The poem represents thoughts and feelings that I had during this time with respect to a special girl at university that I was becoming very fond of.  Nonetheless, as especially reflected by the final 6 lines of the poem, I tried to remain fairly calm and hopeful about it all and look at the overall picture too.

Why the Heart?

You make my heart rise,
It beats twice as fast!
A love without condition
To be left in the dark?

Daunting as it lingers
Yet with someone else you lie
My heart can’t consider it now,
Quietly between myself and I

The first look, the first time
It’s never enough
The months pass swiftly
Friendship builds on emotion and touch

A sleight of hand perhaps
Took away something I might have seen
Though all in good time,
It still can resolve if meant to be

Why does the heart even ponder?
Is it a sin to worry so much?
Ease the mind but keep open the possibility
Of unveiling that diamond in the rough.

© 2011 by Antonio Rullez

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