Thursday, September 19, 2013

Classic Radioland: Agnes Moorehead "Don't Call Me Mother" (1959)

    Here is our seventh installment of our "Classic Radioland" article for all you lovers of movies and radio programs. We are now bringing you one of the best character actress's Agnes Moorehead performing as Larry's mother or what she has her son call her Laurie. This centers on what happens when Larry being twenty five years old and is in love with Roberta who is twenty nine. The young couple is truly in love and now the problem is when being introduced as a couple to Laurie (Larry's mother) that she hates the idea, for starters in the mother's eyes Roberta is too old and he needs to stay with her, what a tangled web of insanity!
Agnes Moorehead as always does a stunning portrayal as the mother who really does her own mind games in a cruel way. 
Also starring James McCallion as Larry and Cathy Lewis as Roberta.
~ Original radio airing: January 4, 1959.
 Now enjoy the suspense series...happy listening!


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