Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Classic Radioland: In Name Only (Grant, Lombard, & Francis shine)

 Here is our ninth installment of "Classic Radioland" where we feature the very best of radio presentations. This program we feature on this occasion stands up to the title as "classic." We have the original stars from the 1939 classic motion picture whom reprise their roles in this radio feature. This "Lux Radio" presentation was done the same year as the motion picture release.

The stars are Cary Grant, Carole Lombard, and Kay Francis.

Plot: A loveless marriage is what we encounter between Alec Walker (Grant) and his wife Maida (Francis). Maida loves the fine things in life and is perfectly fine keeping her husband at arms length, for her it is all about the status she obtains from her husband. They as a couple continue the charade of a happily married couple until Alec meets Julie Eden (Lombard). Instantly, Alec is taken by Julie whom is a widower and she with him. The elephant in the room is Maida whom refuses to give up her marriage even though it is based not so much on love rather convenience. Games are then played by the ill reputed Maida whom decides to make it her job to crush Julie and all happiness that both she and her husband have. Will the love that Alec and Julie have for one another prevail or will the hatred from Maida conquer all....you are highly suggested to both listen to the classic radioland  presentation along with the motion picture which are both excellent!

Now get comfortable with a snack and have a listen to our feature presentation from Radioland!

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