Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Awful Truth (1937) Grant & Dunne are a hoot!

The Awful Truth (1937/Columbia Pics)
Directed By: Leo McCarey
Starring: Cary Grant, Irene Dunne, Ralph Bellamy, & Molly Lamont


The marriage between Jerry Warriner (Grant) and Lucy (Dunne) is on the rocks. After returning home from a business trip Jerry finds that Lucy is not home and this gets him nervous and worried. Shortly enters in Lucy with her handsome music teacher Armand (Alexander D'Arcy). Lucy claim that the reason why it took so long to get home was due to the face that Armand's car broke down. Jerry is now jealous and does not believe the story as in turn Lucy finds that the business trip actually did not happen instead it was a trip to Florida. Each of them is having true issues with another and decide on a mutual divorce.

Life moves on and Lucy moves in with her Aunt Patsy (Cecil Cunningham) and likes her new life. While living there Lucy falls for a neighbor; Dan Lesson (Bellamy) and the two become engaged. To cause more chaos Lucy discovers that she still has feelings for her ex-husband and decides to break her current engagement with Dan. Craziness ensues between Dan, Jerry and Armand who are all vying for Lucy's attention and hand.

Jerry starts to see a very wealthy heiress named Barbara Vance (Lamont). Jerry all of a sudden gets a long lost sister who shows-up at the Lamont's party at the posh mansion. The sister is none other than Lucy trying to break-up this newly started relationship. This sister is a showgirl and starts to dance for everyone which in turn drives Jerry mad! Jerry then drives away with Lucy to get her out of the party. More excitement and laugh out loud scenes occur making one wonder will the couple who started out together end up with one another? You will have to see the film to find out!





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